The most muscular chef in the world, with an arm circumference of 61 cm, is even stronger than professional bodybuilders

“Big head, thick neck, not big money on the fireman” can reflect a person’s occupation from the body. In most people’s influence, the chef profession, often with the food game, the figure will be greasy, fat, but with the change of the times, more and more abundant resources, people are willing to spend time on their hobbies, cross-border choice More and more hands, but also so excellent, chef rush from the United States, is definitely the most muscular chef in the world, even stronger than professional bodybuilders. His life is absolutely colorful. In fact, he has served in the U.S. Army for 23 years. He likes to study all kinds of cooking skills. After his retirement, he began his cook tour. However, muscle is the most popular coat for every man. His military training has laid a solid foundation for his physique, and he has never given up training since his retirement I’ve always had a good exercise habit and I’m getting stronger and stronger. With different regions and cultures, their aesthetic views are also slightly different. Asians prefer to be delicate and pay attention to the overall proportion of muscle lines and figure. In Europe and the United States, they have exaggerated muscle circumference, which is more popular with people. Therefore, they prefer to impact their muscle circumference. Even though they are busy every day, they will set aside about 2 hours of training time for themselves Between, although in the eyes of outsiders, now his muscles have been very strong, but he is still not satisfied, still want to make his circumference larger. < / P > < p > but it is not an easy thing to want a body of armor like muscle. It not only needs to pay attention to training, diet, rest, but also needs a lot of time and money support. In order to build a strong muscle, he has paid a lot of efforts. His training is basically strength training, which is heavy overload. For ordinary people, 8-12 times is normal Training times, but his training completely does not have these concepts, each group will try to be exhausted, even a group down will do dozens of times. There is also a secret of his muscle building, that is, push up, the most common and simplest way of exercise. It does not need equipment or occupy a lot of space. It can exercise at any time. It mainly exercises the muscles of the upper limbs, core muscles, waist and abdomen, especially the chest muscles. In the process of exercise, most of the muscles of the whole body will participate in the exercise, But his training times are absolutely amazing. He does 2222 push ups every day on weekdays, and he chooses to rest on weekends. < / P > < p > although he is a chef, his muscle content has shocked many people. Occasionally, he will be invited to participate in some fitness exhibitions, and is often asked to take a group photo by some fans. However, his arm is always the most eye-catching. For ordinary people, the arm circumference is 30cm, and for those who often exercise habits, the arm circumference is about 40cm, even if it is healthy It’s hard for an American athlete to go up to 50cm, and his current arm circumference is 61 cm. < / P > < p > even when taking pictures with professional bodybuilders, “nitrogen pump brother” believes that many people know that he has strong muscles and is active in the network in a funny style. He was also a professional bodybuilder before, but when he was in the same frame as chef rush, it was a little smaller. After pregnancy, do not let the wife do these five kinds of housework, the husband should be responsible for it, otherwise it is easy to hurt the fetus!