The most popular fall in the autumn should be “face cream”. But these are “Lei pin of Lei pin”

the season of early autumn is coming, and dry skin is every hour and moment reminds us of the need to use moisturizing cream. It is estimated that autumn is another big “frost recommendation”. All kinds of cream and cream are mixed together. Can you really pick it right? Many people often step on thunder in fake products. Today we will see which popular cream is a minefield.

sea blue cream is the cream brand that many girls dream of. It’s very famous. But this cream has targeted people, for dry skin girls choose, if not big dry skin girl, be careful, do not start. Because this cream is the most important function is to repair and moisturize, so the sense of use on the face is slightly heavy oily oily skin, if not afraid of stuffy pox bold try. < / P > < p > and in the process of use, emulsification is not in place, almost no great effect, and will rub mud. Personally, La Mer’s face cream is exaggerated, not the universal cream that the net red people call it, so it shouldn’t be too high for her. Otherwise, the disappointment will be greater.

Ke run cream is a kind of net red face cream. Its popularity is relatively high, but it is not recommended that girls choose to start. Ke run cream is the main moisturizer, but after using it, it will find its function of replenishing water and moisturizing. There is no propaganda effect at all. It has a bad feeling of absorption, and the skin is sticky. However, his moisturizing effect on dry skin is not very strong in winter. < / P > < p > when applied on the face, the texture is very thick, and the skin absorption is not good. After painting, the face will not appear tender and tender, on the contrary, it will feel a little greasy, and even look a little bit reflective. It can only be said that there is no great effect in reactive power. If the effect of the frost is heavier, or the expectation is higher, it is not recommended.

this cream is also the main moisturizing and replenishing water, mainly for large dry skin cream. But in fact, this cream is not suitable for all skin uses, first of all, the texture is particularly heavy. When smeared on the face, it is a bit similar to the thick feeling, it’s hard to push it away. When you use it in summer, you will feel the skin is very stuffy. < / P > < p > secondly, it contains high preservatives. For girls with sensitive skin, they are particularly prone to skin problems, and the safety is not particularly high, so it is not recommended to start with. As a well-known brand of skin care products, nourishing Yin series is also a sign of Korean skin care products. First of all, the taste is a bit similar to the taste of Chinese herbal medicine. If girls are sensitive to the taste, they can’t accept the taste and have a little bitter feeling. Moreover, the cream of this cream is very thick. When it is applied to the face, it will obviously feel that the face becomes greasy. The moisture level is too high. After finishing the application, wipe it with a paper towel, and you will feel that the paper towel is wet. < / P > < p > generally speaking, the nutrients in it are relatively high. For girls with oily skin or mixed dry skin, it is not recommended to start with it, otherwise it is particularly easy to have stuffy acne. In addition, the absorption of mailbox is not in place, the skin often appears acne rub mud.

this cream is become fashionable for a time, and its price is also more common among famous brands. The effect of publicity is to be able to moisturize and remove yellow, but in fact, if you insist on using it for a period of time, you will find that the moisturizing effect is not obvious, and the effect of removing yellow fruit is not as good as that of publicity, and even the skin will be darker. < / P > < p > for girls with acne, it is even more unfriendly, especially prone to acne, and even skin problems in serious cases. Therefore, girls are not recommended to start with. The

pits are deep, and most girls use cream. Most of them are mainly moisturizing. Want to pursue whitening, anti aging wrinkles, or do not expect too much of the frost. Otherwise, the cream will become a hot selling product in the autumn and winter season, so dry, so their main function is to lock skin’s moisture to nourish the skin. CUISINE&HEALTH