“The most slim maternal”, palace mouth open to three fingers in the delivery room “tiaodi” birth, netizen: I sour

There is a pregnant woman on the Internet, known as “the slimmest woman”. As we all know, most girls are not in good health when they are pregnant and giving birth. On the one hand, the atmosphere is tense. On the other hand, the process of waiting for birth is very painful. < / P > < p > but this pregnant woman is different. When she is waiting for delivery, she has three fingers at the entrance of the palace and can dance in the delivery room. Her limbs are very slim. Except for her round stomach, she can’t see that she is a pregnant woman at all. < / P > < p > she is also in a very good state, with a smile and no pain. Her complexion is ruddy and her complexion is very good. In particular, some pregnant Baoma cast envious eyes. Netizens have said: I acid! It’s enviable to be pregnant. < / P > < p > although a person’s figure may be related to heredity, it is not difficult to see that this woman made great efforts during her pregnancy. Some Baoma are very thin and small before pregnancy. In order to nourish their children, they begin to make up for them. < p > < p > but what Baoma don’t know is that the sudden supplement of a large amount of nutrition will make Baoma’s figure out of shape and affect the healthy development of children. If you want to keep fit, you should do the following during pregnancy. < / P > < p > we only know that nutrition supplement can help the fetus develop better, but what we don’t know is that excessive nutrition supplement will make parents and children over nourished, which will lead to Baoma’s obesity. The baby in the belly will also become huge because of over nutrition, and the baby’s body size is too big, which has a great impact on Baoma’s production. < / P > < p > it is not convenient for Baoma to exercise during pregnancy, so many Baoma refuse to exercise after pregnancy, but during pregnancy. We still need moderate exercise. After dinner, it can be said that some relaxed exercise can help the baby digest, and Baoma more exercise can also be conducive to pregnancy and childbirth. Of course, you should pay attention to your mother’s physical condition when exercising. < / P > < p > although Baoma’s physical state will change during pregnancy, pregnant Baoma doesn’t need to worry too much to keep her mood, and pleasure is also conducive to production. When Baoma is doing sports, she should also pay attention to safety. She needs to be accompanied by her family or professionals to ensure Baoma’s safety. Here to remind you, during pregnancy or pay attention to proper rest, good sleep quality will affect the growth and development of children. < / P > < p > today’s topic interaction: what do you think of keeping in shape after pregnancy? Welcome to share. What’s your opinion on this topic? Welcome to share the discussion with us. < / P > < p > this is xiaoyuner’s mother. You can find the most practical and meaningful parenting knowledge here. If you want to know more about parenting knowledge, please pay attention to us. If you like this article, please like it and share it with more people! Focus