The natural “liver nourishing king” is around you. If you like to drink it, you can “extinguish” the liver fire and wash away the bad breath

Many young people in the early stage of entrepreneurship, due to the busy business, life habits will become particularly disordered, resulting in the whole body in this period of time has been greatly damaged. Mr. Wang, 27, often stayed up late, smoked and so on when he just started his business, which not only made him lose weight, but also made him have bad breath. At first, Mr. Wang didn’t pay too much attention to it, but later, as the bad breath got worse and worse. Even when I look at the computer every day, my eyes will feel pain and dryness. As a result, Mr. Wang rushed to the hospital for examination, for fear of his own health problems. In the final examination in the hospital, it was found that Mr. Wang had these symptoms caused by excessive liver fire. Fortunately, the examination was carried out in time, otherwise other liver diseases might occur. < / P > < p > vigorous liver fire will make our liver dysfunction, so that we can’t normally metabolize ammonia in the body; then ammonia will come to our mouth through breathing, resulting in serious halitosis. < / P > < p > in traditional Chinese medicine, the eyes are opened to the liver, which indicates the connection between the eyes and the liver; and with the vigorous liver fire, the liver blood will not be sufficient, so there will not be enough nutrients to nourish our eyes, so that our eyes are always dry and painful. < / P > < p > exuberant liver fire will affect our bile secretion, and when the bile secretion is reduced, our digestive function is bound to be hindered; therefore, the food we eat is difficult to be digested by the intestines and stomach, and then we will have poor appetite when we eat other food. < / P > < p > the quality of the liver can also affect our mood, especially after the liver fire is strong, it is easy to make our mood become irritable; thus, when we encounter many things, we become very irritable, and when we encounter things, we will have some urgency. < / P > < p > often eating some hot pepper, barbecue and other food that is easy to get the fire in these foods in our body, coupled with the fact that we seldom eat light food to promote digestion, then the fire will cause us to have a strong liver fire. < / P > < p > the liver can not only affect emotions, but also affect our liver; the more easily people get angry, the more easily our Qi and blood will be confused, thus disturbing the normal catharsis of our liver, leading to vigorous liver fire. < / P > < p > in general, hepatitis B patients are easy to cause damage to the liver, so many toxins will accumulate in the liver and can not be decomposed; this makes the probability of hepatitis B patients suffering from liver fire is much higher than ordinary factors. In addition to ensuring one’s healthy living habits, nourishing the liver and protecting the liver can also be recuperated in the way of food tonic of traditional Chinese medicine. For example, if you often drink some nourishing liver tea, which can reduce liver fire and dredge the liver, it can protect the liver very well. Soak Chinese herbal medicine in the water: < / P > < p > drink the nourishing liver made of these six kinds of Chinese herbal medicine frequently Tea, not only can calm the fire in our liver, but also can prevent fatty liver and other chronic diseases. If necessary, you can click the card below the picture to get it directly. < / P > < p > for people with strong liver fire, if they continue to eat some hot food, it will only increase their liver burden; therefore, if you want to calm their internal fire, the first thing to do is to eat less hot food, such as mango, longan and other fruits. < / P > < p > many people can find in the process of running that we can vent our emotions through running, so that we can become more cheerful, thus reducing the damage of emotions to the liver; at the same time, through running, we can also consume body fat and eliminate toxins to reduce the occurrence of diseases. Focus