The natural “thrombolytic agent” has been announced. It is open to drink every morning and evening to dredge blood vessels and avoid thrombosis

Blood vessels are an important part of the human body. The oxygen, blood and nutrients needed in the body are transported by blood. If the blood vessels are smooth, the body will be healthy, but if the blood vessels are blocked and the blood circulation is not smooth, the body parts will be ischemic necrosis, affecting people’s health.

the main component of salt is sodium chloride. If the body ingests too much salt, the amount of sodium ions increases, which changes the osmotic pressure of blood vessels. When blood flows, it strengthens the impact on the inner wall of blood vessels, which easily leads to the increase of blood pressure and the speed of blood flow. Over time, will cause damage to the wall of the tube, lipid substances easy to deposit, very easy to form thrombosis.

fried food such as fried dough sticks, fried chicken and hamburger are all “regular customers” in our life, and they are the food that many people like to eat. However, frequent consumption of fried food is very easy to form thrombosis.

fried food contains a large number of saturated fatty acids and cholesterol. A large amount of long-term consumption will lead to the increase of triglycerides and lipids in the body, make the blood become viscous, reduce the flow rate, and accelerate the process of arteriosclerosis. In addition, the increase in blood lipid, easy to precipitate in the tube wall, the formation of patchy small pieces, resulting in narrowing and narrowing of blood vessels, thrombosis, blockage of blood vessels.

when walking, you suddenly feel numbness in your legs for a long time, just like an ant crawling. You should be vigilant. This may be a sign of blood vessel blockage in the body.

the limbs are far away from the heart. When the blood vessels are blocked, the blood circulation capacity and blood flow speed will be decreased, so that the sufficient blood and nutrients can not be delivered to the legs, resulting in local necrosis of limbs, cell failure or necrosis, and numbness of limbs.

thrombus is formed in the body, which blocks the pulmonary blood vessels, affects the pulmonary hematopoietic function, reduces the amount of blood returned, and weakens the blood circulation capacity, resulting in chest tightness and chest pain.

if the blood vessels in the brain are blocked and the blood can not be transported, it will cause transient ischemia and hypoxia of the brain, lack of blood nourishment in the brain vessels, spasm, and dizziness.

dizziness caused by thrombus will not disappear because of simple rest. On the contrary, with the aggravation of the disease, the frequency of dizziness is also increasing. In this case, it is recommended to go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible.

arteriosclerosis in the ear causes blockage, which affects the blood supply to the ear. Due to the lack of blood nutrition, hair cells in the inner ear will be damaged, blood vessels will shrink, and the ear nervous system will deteriorate, which will affect the ear hearing.

liucaojin formula contains 6 kinds of herbs that are beneficial to blood vessel maintenance. It is brewed with 90 ℃ hot water every day, and the vascular damage is repaired quietly and the probability of thrombosis is reduced.

for a long time, Qi and blood are not smooth, blood flow rate becomes slow, and it is very easy to form thrombosis. In order to avoid thrombosis, it is suggested that 30 minutes of exercise should be carried out every day, instead of excessive exercise, so as to achieve the better effect of slight sweating.

in addition, exercise can improve cardiovascular function, expand blood vessels, promote blood circulation speed, accelerate the excretion of toxins and garbage in the body, and control body weight.

many people like to eat high-fat food such as braised meat, fried chicken, animal viscera, etc., but often eating these foods will increase the body fat, reduce the elasticity of blood vessels, and easily form thrombosis.

reduce the intake of high fat food, eat more vegetables, fruits, coarse grains and other foods, supplement the vitamin, mineral and dietary fiber needed by the body, and prevent blood vessel blockage.