The number of newborns has dropped by 59 million, young people: don’t blame us for not having babies

Nowadays, people’s family conditions are getting better and better, but they are not willing to have children. Even if the state has issued corresponding policies to encourage the birth of children, more and more young people are forced to choose not to have children. < / P > < p > after the implementation of the two child policy in 2016, in addition to the increase in the number of newborns in 2016, the number of two children has not increased but decreased in recent years. Combined with China’s total number of births in the past 50 years, the data comparison is even more alarming. In 1970, the total number of newborns in China was 185170000. By 1980, it had reached a fertility climax, when 222.38 million people were born. By 1990, the total number of newborns in China had dropped to 210.66 million. After 2000, the number of newborns in 2000 and 2010 hovered between 163 million. < / P > < p > from the birth peak in the 1980s to the birth trough in the 2010s, the number of newborns in China has dropped by 59 million in the past 30 years. < / P > < p > more than a decade ago, many people were forced to give up the two-child plan because of the restrictions of the fertility policy, and they chose only one child. This year is the fourth year of the liberalization of the two-child policy. The total number of new two-child births has decreased from 18.46 million in 16 years to 14.65 million in 19 years. It can be said that even the two-child policy can not inspire ordinary people to have a second child. The reason is also closely related to the current economic pressure. < / P > < p > netizen 1: now it is the key to improve the per capita annual income. In the future, artificial intelligence will replace a large number of ordinary labor force for production labor, and there will not be too many ordinary labor force in the future. If ordinary families give birth to fewer children and rich families give birth to more children, maybe only the children of rich families will be left in 200-300 years, and then everyone’s living standard will be almost the same. Net friend 2: if housing prices continue to rise, it will eventually lead to a population crisis. In the face of high housing prices, many young people dare not marry or have children. Now the domestic marriage rate and fertility rate are so low, isn’t it caused by high housing prices? < / P > < p > netizen 3: I really don’t know what people who encourage the second child think. Will the country give birth to a second child a house? Will nannies be assigned? Doesn’t the wife return to work after birth reduce the salary? Those who are pressing for a second child should solve these problems first! < / P > < p > many post-80s and 90s have gradually become the mainstay of their families. They need to support their parents and elders, and take care of their children. And they are also carrying a series of heavy burden of car loans and housing loans. They dare not ask for leave even when they are sick, for fear that they will lose their jobs and be unable to support their families. How can they easily choose to have children when the pressure of real life makes them unable to look up? I can’t even live a good life. How can I afford my child’s future. < / P > < p > it’s not as good as before to raise a child. In the past, children were basically raised free, and they didn’t pay much attention to food and clothing. They also depended on themselves to learn, not on making up lessons. But now the times have long been different. First of all, children must pay attention to their food and clothing. Otherwise, children are vulnerable to discrimination from other classmates at school. < / P > < p > secondly, it’s not enough just to study in school. We have to make up lessons on weekends and make up for all kinds of talents, so that we can not lose at the starting line. In this way, it’s too expensive to raise a child. < / P > < p > many parents put a lot of money into their children’s education with the idea of expecting their children to succeed. But children’s personality is different, not all children can become talents, meet the expectations of parents. Some parents can’t accept their children’s mediocrity, and even regret the idea of having children! HEALTHY LIFE