The number of people with esophageal cancer is increasing gradually. I’m afraid it’s related to the four eating habits. Please inform your family as soon as possible

Food oriented China has become a major country in the incidence of esophageal cancer. There are not a few people dying of esophageal cancer every day, most of which are caused by the wrong diet. Many eating habits will affect people’s esophagus, appear injury. Do you know all these eating habits? Maybe you’re still doing it.

warm and hospitable Chinese often entertain guests with delicious food. However, such an unintentional remark may also induce esophageal cancer and “eat while it is hot”. Most Chinese people like to eat hot food, which can warm the body and make people warm up. But too hot food, will only let the esophageal mucosa damage, this is the first bad eating habits.

when hot water splashes on the back of the hand, skin damage will occur. However, the mucous membrane on the esophagus is much more fragile than the skin on the back of the hand. If you eat too hot food for a long time, it is easy to scald the mucous membrane and cause mucosal damage. Long time by the stimulation of external factors, it is easy to appear cell mutation, induce esophageal cancer. When eating, don’t worry, even if it’s a hot pot, you should put the food a little warm before eating. Avoid injury to esophageal mucosa and disease.

spicy food is one of the causes of esophageal cancer, which is the second reason. Not only esophageal cancer, this kind of food on the whole digestive system and excretion system will have certain damage. This kind of food in the process of eating, will cause irritation to the esophageal mucosa, bring spicy pain. It will last for a while. Eating such food for a long time will increase the incidence of esophageal cancer and bring adverse effects to human health.

pickled food plays an important role in the food culture which has been passed down for thousands of years. Sausage, bacon and pickles are the food people like to eat very much. Especially in Yunnan and Guizhou areas, it is often smoked some bacon, as a festival feast. But pickled food for a long time also has a certain risk of cancer, which is the third bad habit.

in order to ensure that the ingredients will not deteriorate, a large amount of salt will be put into pickled food, which will gradually turn into nitrite, which is the first-class carcinogen in the World Health Organization list of carcinogens. Long term excessive intake can lead to cancer of the body. If you want to prevent esophageal cancer, you should learn to refuse this kind of salted food. Even if you want to eat, you should also control the amount of good food. If you eat a lot for a long time, it will inevitably bring some bad effects to the body.

the fourth bad eating habit is frequent fast eating. Now the popular big stomach king on the Internet, often in order to eat a lot of food as soon as possible in the video, without adequate chewing, will swallow the food. Eat often, food can not be completely chewed by the teeth, it will be the whole piece through the esophagus, and then into digestion. At this time, it may be because of such food scratch the esophagus, or because food is too much, support to the esophagus, it is easy to appear esophageal damage, the risk of cancer will become greater.

many office workers will shorten their meal time and gobble up food because they are eager to work, which eventually has a bad impact on digestion and is also prone to diseases such as esophageal cancer. Only by chewing and swallowing can we reduce the burden on the esophagus.

in life, if you want to ensure the health of the esophagus, you should stay away from the above four eating habits. You should not only inform your family and friends as soon as possible, so as to better protect your health. HEALTHY LIFE