The plaque in the blood vessel is gone. It took him only 2 years to have a miracle. You should learn

Let’s share a case today. A 50 year old patient came for an examination because of his neck discomfort. Two carotid plaques were found later. The patient was worried. Later, after two years of treatment and personal conditioning, when they came back for examination, these plaques disappeared. < / P > < p > first of all, let’s introduce what is “plaque”. In daily life, some patients with hypertension and diabetes are easy to damage their blood vessels, which will lead to the accumulation of cholesterol and inflammatory cells in the inner wall of blood vessels. Over time, they will form plaques. Some elderly patients may appear in the physical examination report of friends more. Many people don’t realize the harm of plaque. Let me give you a brief introduction: < / P > < p > if we don’t treat it at ordinary times, the plaque will gradually increase, causing the blood vessels to be easily blocked. In serious cases, it will block our blood vessels. At this time, if the plaque breaks, it will lead to thrombosis, resulting in insufficient blood supply to our body parts. < / P > < p > thrombosis is also easy to enter our cerebral arteries, which may lead to insufficient blood supply to the brain. Cause cerebral infarction, serious time will also endanger life. < / P > < p > so what should we do if plaque is found in physical examination? According to the patient’s rehabilitation experience, the doctor gives you the following two suggestions. Hope to help you. < / P > < p > in daily life, many people will be very worried and find it difficult to treat plaque after physical examination. In fact, as long as we actively cooperate with the doctor’s work and the doctor’s treatment plan after finding plaque, there is a way to cure it, and the follow-up will be further examined. Determine the specific condition, and then take the relevant drugs on time, and remember to check regularly when you feel better. The doctor suggested that we should not be alarmed, or neglect the treatment. A reasonable diet is very important. In daily life, we should pay attention to eating less greasy food, and remember to eat more fruits and vegetables every day. If possible, we should try to eat vegetables every meal every day, and we can also eat some fruits after meals. Of course, legumes have a protective effect on blood vessels, so we should eat more. Also pay attention to avoid eating some barbecue, fried food. These foods can make our condition worse. So try to avoid it. The daily diet should be light, and the intake of salt should be controlled below 5g. < p > < p > 2. Some people like to smoke, drink, in fact, these are great harm to our blood vessels. Not only does it cause our vascular diseases, cigarettes are carcinogens, so even if it’s not for plaque, we should stop drinking. (3) keep exercising. Even if we are old, we can choose some reasonable sports, such as jogging after dinner. Can reduce the cholesterol in our body, so as to achieve the role of maintenance of blood vessels. < / P > < p > of course, a good attitude is also very important. We should know that the attitude will affect our body’s immune function. If we find out the disease, we will sigh, then our immune system will be negatively affected, so we should maintain a peaceful attitude. Only in this way can we actively cooperate with the treatment and eliminate the vascular plaque as soon as possible. 08/16/2020