The pregnant mother found that the stomach did not move. After seeing a doctor, the umbilical cord was broken. It was too sudden to be used

Mother child heart to heart, when the baby is in the mother’s stomach, the mother will have a certain perception of the existence of the baby. Frequent vomiting in the early stage of pregnancy, increased appetite in the second half of pregnancy, and regular fetal movement in the late pregnancy period, the kids are “interacting” with their mothers in their own way throughout the pregnancy. It is the expectation of every pregnant mother to get through the pregnancy smoothly, but there are some unknown accidents hidden in it. Only scientific pregnancy nursing can protect the children’s integrity.

lily, like other pregnant mothers, was so excited that she couldn’t sleep all night after learning that she was pregnant. Because her constitution has been relatively weak, lily is very worried about the safety of her baby, and she is also very cooperative with the birth examination. Every time I hear the doctor say that the baby is healthy, Lily can relax. But even with such caution, the accident happened in the end.

when Lily was 5 months pregnant, she got up in the morning and found that her baby did not move as usual. So Lily told her mother-in-law anxiously. After hearing this, her mother-in-law laughed at lily for being too nervous. “The baby’s five months old is not very regular, it’s OK! “But Lily feels very uneasy.” I can feel the fetal movement when the child is 4 months old. I don’t think today’s state is very good. ”

Seeing Lily fidgety, Lily’s husband decided to take his wife to the hospital for examination. At first, the doctor also comforted lily that the fetus did not move, but gradually the doctor’s face became ugly. Then the doctor arranged lily to do a series of detailed examinations. Finally, the doctor said helplessly that “the fetus has broken the umbilical cord. It’s too sudden that it’s no longer possible. Now we can only consider the treatment of induced labor. I’m sorry. I just thought he didn’t move. I didn’t expect that he would be gone! “When her eyes were wet, her husband began to cry.

the umbilical cord is the link between the fetus and the mother, providing the fetus with adequate nutrition and oxygen supply. Rupture of the umbilical cord obviously blocks the delivery of nutrients and oxygen, and the fetus is at risk. There are about three causes of umbilical cord rupture: the number of umbilical cord around the neck is too much, the abdominal muscle of pregnant mother is too loose, and the fetal activity space is large, which leads to complex winding of umbilical cord and long umbilical cord length.

during pregnancy, pregnant mothers are required to have a prenatal examination every short period of time. Doctors can observe the status of the fetus in the uterus through B-ultrasound examination. When the fetal umbilical cord around the neck, if the number of entangled weeks is not much, the fetus can bypass by itself, at this time, the doctor will also give advice to further avoid the occurrence of too much around the neck. Umbilical cord condition is normal, the probability of natural rupture will be reduced.

at the fourth month of pregnancy, pregnant mothers can feel the occurrence of fetal movement, and then the frequency of fetal movement will become more and more regular. Especially in the third trimester of pregnancy, it is very necessary for a pregnant mother to count fetal movements every day. If abnormal conditions occur, pregnant mothers can also find clues from fetal movements as soon as possible, and then seize the golden period of optimal intervention.

during pregnancy, pregnant mothers will avoid sports because of their “inconvenient” body. In fact, proper exercise can help pregnant mothers build up their physique, and it will also have certain benefits for the healthy development of the fetus. So some of the more gentle type of exercise in pregnancy is more suitable, but pregnant mothers should know how to fit and stop, not too reluctant.

during pregnancy, pregnant mothers need not be too nervous, but if they feel abnormal, they must seek medical advice in time, and strive to give the most appropriate intervention to their babies in the shortest time.

in addition, timely prenatal examination is the top priority of pregnancy care, and pregnant mothers should give full attention to it. What do you share about umbilical cord rupture? BEAUTY&SKIN CARE