The pregnant mother receives these four “signals”, which indicate that Taibao has been put into the basin. Four things should be paid attention to in daily life

In general, the baby into the basin in 36 weeks of pregnancy, after about 2 to 3 weeks may be born. Because each pregnant mother’s constitution is different, the fetus enters the basin differently.

Xiao Lin has been pregnant for 32 weeks, and now his physical activities will be inconvenient, but he still insists on doing proper sports and is looking forward to seeing his baby soon.

Xiao Lin’s physical condition has been very good, but I didn’t expect that in recent days, he has obviously felt abdominal drop, and there is also pain. Xiao Lin is worried about the baby’s condition, so he goes to the hospital to seek medical advice.

after the examination, the doctor said that it was the phenomenon of the fetus entering the pelvis, but it was a little earlier, so there was no need to worry too much. When the baby enters the basin, it will oppress the mother’s abdomen, causing distension and abdominal pain, which are normal phenomena.

after hearing this, Xiao Lin was relieved and was about to wait for the baby to arrive. Pregnant mother must pay attention to these “signals”, which may be the baby into the basin, pregnant mother must pay attention to.

the change of abdomen is the most intuitive. Pregnant mothers will not only find that the appearance of the abdomen has changed, but also has a distinct sense of falling. When the baby enters the basin, the position will be lower, causing a sense of pressure on the mother’s abdomen.

pregnant mothers should pay special attention to rest, and should not do too much physical labor, especially can not lift heavy objects. Exerting force during pregnancy will lead to abdominal contraction. If one is not careful, premature rupture of membranes will easily occur.

in the third trimester of pregnancy, the frequency of urination will become more and more serious. After the baby into the basin, due to the pressure of the uterus and bladder. There will be frequent urination or accompanied by painful urination.

pregnant mothers should try not to hold urine during this period. They should gradually change their living habits, otherwise it is easy to cause urinary tract infection. In addition, they should maintain good personal hygiene.

when the baby enters the basin, the natural heart, intestines and stomach and other organs will gradually return to normal, mainly due to the gradual downward movement of the fetal position, the pregnant mother’s breathing will be more smooth at this time.

the position of the fetus gradually moves down, thus reducing the pressure on the upper body organs. At this time, not only the breathing becomes more unobstructed, but also the appetite becomes better.

when the fetus enters the pelvic cavity, the pubic bone will be gradually separated, and the natural pain will be obviously aggravated. Late pregnancy pubic pain will be more serious, at this time to prepare for labor, if necessary, with the help of abdominal strap, can effectively reduce pain.

the pregnant mother can massage the waist and back properly. If the pregnant mother’s pubic pain is serious, if she can’t relieve it by herself, she can ask a doctor and take effective relief measures. In addition to clothing and daily necessities, there are also documents needed for admission, such as ID card, household registration book, maternal health manual, etc., which can be fully considered in case of emergency.

because of the growth of the pregnant baby in the third trimester of pregnancy, the weight of the pregnant mother will increase and her body will become heavier. Therefore, the frequency of activities of the pregnant mother will be significantly reduced. However, standing or sitting for a long time will increase the burden on the waist, abdomen and legs.

when a pregnant mother is sitting and standing, she can choose a pillow at the back of her waist to reduce the pressure on her waist and abdomen. Not only that, but also choose some appropriate activities, such as walking, walking and other low-intensity activities.

if a pregnant mother wants to know when her baby enters the basin, she still has to look at it according to her own situation. In general, the time of fetus entering the basin is about 36 weeks.

these signals will appear when the baby enters the basin in the third trimester of pregnancy. The pregnant mother should pay special attention to observe her physical condition at this time. No matter what the situation is, she should prepare for labor in advance to avoid panic. 08/16/2020