The pregnant mother should choose a good “time” for labor, and pay attention to distinguish the three kinds of labor “signals”

They all say “ten months of gestation”, but babies born after 37 weeks of gestation are called full-term babies. And most babies are not expected to be born, only 5% of “lucky children” are born on the day of the due date. Xiaoyun is a mother of two children. However, when she mentions the experience of two children, she is afraid to think about it now. She almost gave birth to her child on the road twice. < p > < p > when she gave birth to her eldest daughter, she got red a week earlier than the expected date of delivery. At that time, an experienced Baoma said that it would take several days for her to have a baby. Xiaoyun was not in a hurry at that time. Unexpectedly, her amniotic fluid burst the next day. < / P > < p > I asked my family to call a car to the hospital. When I got to the hospital, the doctor found that she had already opened eight fingers, and there was not much amniotic fluid. Fortunately, she had a daughter successfully. < p > < p > in the afternoon of 39 weeks + 2 days of pregnancy, Xiaoyun felt the pain of labor and calmly ate a meal, and calculated the frequency of her contractions. When it comes to 10 minutes, the feeling that the baby is going to be born comes back. < / P > < p > the doctor could not help but pinch a sweat for Xiaoyun: “you are so dangerous. If you have a problem in the life of the child, what should I do? It’s really big enough.” < p > < p > Xiaoyun felt a little aggrieved: “I heard people say that it’s time to go to the hospital once every 5 minutes of contractions, but I still set out ahead of time in 10 minutes of contractions.” Most of them will give birth within 24-48 hours after they become red. Some pregnant women may give birth later, and some will give birth after 3 days. < / P > < p > therefore, after 37 weeks of pregnancy, if it is red, the pregnant mother can take a bath in advance and pack up some waiting bags to make full preparation for delivery. Amniotic fluid is the environment for the survival of the fetus. Once the pregnant mother has the problem of water breaking, if she can’t give birth in time, it will be very dangerous for the fetus and the pregnant mother. < / P > < p > after breaking the water, the lying in woman should lie flat for the first time. A clean and hygienic cushion can be found to keep the buttocks too high to prevent the amniotic fluid from flowing too fast. < / P > < p > uterine contraction pain is a relatively common labor “signal”, with the continuous shortening of uterine contraction frequency, the baby’s birth time is getting closer and closer, whether need to wait for labor, also need to check the situation of uterine opening. < / P > < p > a kind of false contractions in the “blind method”, this kind of contractions often have no rules to follow, and the degree of contractions is relatively light, which is very different from the contractions before labor; < / P > < p > the other is true contractions, the frequency of contractions is more regular, and with the passage of time, the interval time is shorter and the duration of contractions is longer and longer. < p > < p > primipara: many first-time mothers rush to the hospital for uterine contractions every 5 minutes. Because of the lack of experience in the first delivery and the tension, it is easy to avoid the “cover up” of false contractions, and rush to the hospital when they find stomachache. However, pregnant mothers who have a natural first birth usually give birth 11-12 hours after uterine contraction. The speed of delivery varies with the constitution of pregnant mothers. < / P > < p > when a pregnant mother is in contractions, she can look at the time and calculate the frequency of contractions. It is better to rush to the nearest hospital for labor before the contractions that occur every five minutes. < p > < p > menstrual mother: after 15 minutes of uterine contraction, she goes to the hospital for delivery. Because she has already had a labor experience, the delivery speed is faster than that of primipara. It is suggested to rush to the hospital for labor before the contraction is 15 minutes, which is safer. < / P > < p > If a pregnant mother has a labor signal, don’t panic. If you want to give birth to your baby successfully, it is very important to maintain a good mentality and rational judgment. I hope every pregnant mother can give birth to a healthy baby. < / P > < p > I’m a candy mom. I’m a learning and growing treasure mother. I’m focused on pregnancy and parenting. If you want to raise a baby easily, don’t forget to pay attention to it. The candy mom team will answer questions and solve doubts about your parenting. 08/16/2020