The pregnant mother who meets the three conditions will not suffer from the natural childbirth, but the pregnant mother should know the three “disadvantages” as early as possible

Natural childbirth is a state of natural childbirth, which is the most normal natural phenomenon. But with the improvement of living standards, we have a lot of comparison on whether it is natural birth or cesarean section. For women who want to have a natural birth, what they expect most is that they can have a faster delivery, that is, faster and better, so that they will not suffer. < / P > < p > the weight of the fetus will also determine the smooth delivery of the pregnant mother. Fetal weight is too large may not meet the conditions of natural birth. The best natural birth condition is that the weight of the fetus is well controlled by the pregnant mother. Each pregnant mother can have a reference standard for pregnancy according to her height and weight. In the normal range of pregnant women, natural childbirth is one of the factors of less suffering. < / P > < p > natural labor needs to pass through the birth canal. For the fetus, it needs to adapt to the elasticity of the uterine contraction muscles of the pregnant woman, and then slowly reach the outside. In this process, on the one hand, it is the strength of the maternal contractions, on the other hand, it is the elasticity of the pelvic floor muscles of the pregnant mother. If the muscles have good elasticity and can contract freely, the baby can also pass through the birth canal quickly. < / P > < p > mothers who can follow the instructions of medical staff correctly during delivery can get twice the result with half the effort when they have a natural birth. In fact, many puerperas can’t listen to the password of the people around them when they give birth. Many of them are in a state of shouting because they don’t know how to control them. If we can be sober and follow the orders of medical staff, we can not only save power, but also produce smoothly. < / P > < p > the conditions of natural birth are all met, and it may not be able to guarantee the natural birth completely. There will be risks in the process of natural birth. Among them, the probability of antegrade cesarean section is some. Although the probability is not very large, a small number of pregnant women will encounter it. Therefore, in order to avoid such a situation, it is very important for pregnant mothers to practice breathing method and control the baby’s weight. < / P > < p > there are many cases of laceration and lateral incision in parturient women with natural labor. Because there are many kinds of laceration, the probability is relatively large. There are mild tears, moderate tears and severe tears and so on. Most of them may be caused by the process of continuous decompression of the fetus. Generally, mild repair will be faster, and severe and lateral incision have a certain impact on the muscle. < / P > < p > in fact, whether it is a natural or cesarean section of the maternal, after giving birth, they always feel that their skin has some relaxation phenomenon, which is external. And for the natural delivery of maternal, the internal pelvic floor muscle muscle will also become loose. Therefore, many people are talking about the pelvic floor muscle recovery that women must do after giving birth to children. On the one hand, because of the muscle group around the pelvis, relaxation will affect the health of the body, on the other hand, it has a great impact on the life of husband and wife. < p > < p > therefore, in order to avoid the occurrence of disadvantages or reduce the damage, it can be avoided in advance. For example, you can eat some foods that can help improve skin elasticity, as well as muscle groups that exercise pelvic floor muscles. If the elasticity is good, the probability of tearing will decrease. Moreover, with good elasticity, the self recovery after childbirth will be faster. In addition, professional recovery may be better than before. Next