The skin is the mirror of the internal organs. There are three kinds of abnormalities on the skin. It may be that the internal organs are broken. Pay attention

When we have physical problems, there will be some special changes to tell us that there is a close relationship between human skin and internal organs. The skin is the mirror of internal organs. When the internal organs are damaged, the corresponding abnormalities will appear on the skin. If you have the following three abnormalities on the skin, you need to pay attention.

if there is congestion on the skin, it is normally caused by external impact, and it will turn from red to brown with time. Generally speaking, the congestion will gradually subside by itself. However, if there is more congestion and accompanied by yellowing of skin and mucosa, it may be the liver problem. Of course, sometimes the skin congestion, may also be caused by Henoch Schonlein purpura, so when the body has a lot of congestion for no reason, you can go to the hospital to take a blood test to see the coagulation mechanism, as well as urine routine examination.

red dots suddenly appear on the skin, with itching feeling, which may be caused by insect bites. If your red dots suddenly become more and more, most of them spread outward and look like spiders, it may be caused by liver dysfunction. Of course, sometimes red nevus may also be hemangioma in the elderly, so if we have red nevus inexplicably, and the number is increasing, or growing, we need to pay attention to it.

some people may feel their skin itching. They think it may be caused by the bad skin condition. They can’t relieve the itching by moisturizing the skin all the time and smearing body milk. In fact, skin itching is not only caused by dry skin, but also by organ damage, such as liver disease, renal failure, diabetes, and some tumor patients may also have skin itching, so If the skin itching, has not improved, you can go to the hospital to check.

if the above three kinds of skin are abnormal, you can go to the hospital for examination. Daily words to pay attention to skin care, if severe itching can be appropriate to apply some anti itching ointment, must not scratch, in order to avoid skin damage, causing infection. If the diagnosis is caused by the disease, we should actively treat it, and at the same time, we should cooperate with daily care to reduce skin damage and prevent the disease from aggravating. For example, if the liver is damaged, it is easy to have skin changes, such as skin nevus, skin yellowing and so on. We can timely prevent liver lesions through the skin. We can also protect the liver and promote skin health from the following aspects.

first of all, diet is very important to our health. We should choose more protein rich foods, such as milk, eggs and bean products, eat more green vegetables, such as celery, Luffa, bamboo shoots and so on, and also eat some foods containing polysaccharides, such as Lentinus edodes and Auricularia auricula, which is conducive to enhancing the body’s immunity.

to avoid eating more fat, high salt, high sugar, high greasy food, eat less hot pot, pig liver, fried chicken and other food. We should also pay attention to drinking less and smoking less. Frequent drinking is easy to cause alcoholic liver disease. secondly. To drink more water, drinking water can promote the body’s metabolic function, reduce the incidence of disease, can also be a good discharge of toxins in the body. To pay more attention to rest, avoid staying up late, reduce liver damage, help skin repair. 08/16/2020