The sleeping position during pregnancy is particular, and the left side is the best sleeping position, but most people don’t pay attention to this

My best friend is pregnant for two years and finally has a baby, so I am very careful what I do, for fear that what I do is not suitable and will affect the normal development of the child. I like lying on my back, but I heard that lying on my left is not good because of < / P > < p > My best friend said, “but it’s too hard for me to lie on the left side. When I wake up, I’m either supine or sleeping.” < / P > < p > with regard to sleeping position during pregnancy, most people know that there are many benefits of left lying. However, few people know that sleeping on the left side also pays attention to. As far as the whole pregnancy is concerned, whether the sleeping posture is correct or not will directly affect the health of the pregnant mother and the baby! < / P > < p > at the beginning of pregnancy, the change of uterus is not obvious. The pregnant mother can choose the sleeping position according to her own sleep preference. But with the gradual increase of the uterus, there are certain requirements for sleeping position, different sleeping position will have different impact on pregnant mother and fetus. However, after 28 weeks of pregnancy, if they still lie on their back, it will cause “pregnant women supine syndrome”, with dyspnea, dizziness and nausea, chest tightness and vomiting. And the pregnant mother lies flat, will cause the oppression to own organ. < / P > < p > after lying flat, the baby’s activity space will become smaller, and the child will kick his belly to protest. Some pregnant mothers said they were most comfortable lying on their back. It’s rare, as long as you and your baby are comfortable. < / P > < p > in the third trimester of pregnancy, the uterus will be right-handed, oppressing the right blood vessels. In this case, if you still lie on the right side, it will aggravate uterine vascular tension, reduce placental blood flow, and seriously cause fetal hypoxia. The best sleeping position recommended by the American College of Obstetrics and gynecology is the left side lying position, because it has many advantages for pregnant mothers in the second and third trimester of pregnancy. When I was pregnant with Dabao, my stomach was not obvious, and I never paid attention to the sleeping posture. < / P > < p > ever since I learned the benefits of lying on the left side during pregnancy, I began to deliberately adjust my sleeping position. No matter whether I was sleeping at noon or at night, after a period of adjustment, the left side lying became less difficult and the baby didn’t kick around. Ma liangkun, an expert at Peking Union Medical College Hospital, said in a book that once there is a sign of preterm birth, one should lie on the left side immediately to increase blood supply to the uterus and placenta. It can be seen that the left side of the bed has the advantages. Maybe before we got pregnant, a lot of people didn’t have the habit of lying on the left side. Everyone is used to lying on his back, and others are used to sleeping on his stomach. However, pregnancy itself is a special period. For the safety of pregnant women and fetus, it is suggested that pregnant mothers gradually adjust their sleeping position. Let’s take a look at the advantages of the left side, which can strengthen your determination to adjust your sleeping position! < / P > < p > as mentioned above, right lying may cause fetal hypoxia, while left lying can improve the state of right rotation of uterus, thus increasing the blood flow of placenta and providing sufficient oxygen for fetal baby. Moreover, if the fetal growth retardation, take the left side of the sleeping position, can also make the treatment to achieve good results. < / P > < p > after pregnancy, the body will appear uncomfortable performance, some legs are swollen, some sleep is not good. The left lateral decubitus can reduce the compression of inferior vena cava, increase the blood flow of the heart and improve the blood supply of brain tissue. Then reduce the symptoms of pregnancy discomfort, eliminate edema, relieve fatigue. It can be seen from this that it is of great benefit to both the pregnant mother and the baby to keep the sleeping position of the left side. But her best friend said that she lay on her left side every day, but the pain was severe. Why? < / P > < p > after understanding the benefits of left lying, pregnant mothers generally try to adjust their sleeping posture, but how do they sleep? The whole person comes over on the left side and lies on the left side in a 90 degree vertical position. < / P > < p > at this time, the pregnant mother’s body focus is on the shoulder, knee joint, especially the hip, which is subject to pressure of up to 60mmhg, which is easy to cause pain. < / P > < p > when giving lessons to pregnant mothers, expectant mothers in the second and third trimester of pregnancy often ask, “why do I insist on lying on the left side, but I feel uncomfortable when I sleep?” This is actually because although everyone insisted on the left side of the bed, but the angle did not find the right. < / P > < p > the correct left side sleeping position is not 90 degrees, but 30 degrees. Keeping a 30 degree lying posture can effectively relieve the pressure on the back and waist and improve blood circulation. The angle of < p > < p > 30 degree may not be easy to master. Pregnant mothers can prepare U-shaped pillow during pregnancy to support their abdomen, one is to ensure the angle of 30 degrees; the other is to prevent the recovery of lying down in the middle of the night. < p > < p > after listening to my suggestion, my best friend tried to sleep on the left side at 30 degrees for a few days. She said that it was really useful, it was not uncomfortable, and the sleep quality was also improved a lot. I was pregnant with Dabao at that time, and I also prepared pregnant women’s pillow. After giving birth to Dabao, I used it to make breast-feeding pillow. Huai’er Bao was used again. It was very convenient. Pregnant women pillow is designed to meet the needs of pregnancy, in line with ergonomics, is a rare “magic weapon” for pregnant women. < / P > < p > you may never notice the problem of sleeping position before you are pregnant. You can sleep freely in various sleeping positions. But once pregnant, we should pay attention to this problem. 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