The study found that: the weight of the newborn is close to 6.5 Jin, indicating that the brain is well developed and will be smarter in the future

Mothers are not always pregnant when they hear the elders say such a sentence: how nice to have a big fat boy. Moreover, the old people also like their children to be

and their mothers also hope that their children are excellent, so they begin to prepare for their children when they are pregnant, including all kinds of prenatal education and nutrition supplement. In people’s eyes, people always think that the more nutrition they supplement, the more nutrition they can absorb and the healthier they will be at birth. Dear mothers, when giving birth in the hospital, we should have heard such a problem, that is, fetal dystocia.

in addition to some genetic factors leading to fetal size, more fetal size problems come from the excessive nutrition supplement of children. Children grow too big, which leads to the failure of natural childbirth.

in order to prevent the fetus from being too big, every mother will be told to control her weight and pay attention to the rules of diet during the prenatal examination. To ensure that the fetus has a normal weight, can be smooth delivery.

to ensure the weight of the fetus, in addition to the smooth production, it can also ensure that the child’s physical development is normal, and it can also make the child’s brain develop better. Although this sentence sounds absurd, it has been proved by scientific experiments.

once published a study, the weight of the newborn has a great impact on children to adulthood. Professor Christine walhove of the Department of psychology at the University of Oslo compared 600 children with a team from the United States! Research shows that the closer the baby’s weight is to 6.5 Jin at birth, the higher the IQ is, and the healthy body indicators are.

it can be found that if a newborn’s weight is less than 5 jin, it means that the child is light and small. From the side, the child’s nutrient absorption in the fetus is not enough, and the body development is not very good. As a result, the child’s resistance decreases and the risk of illness increases.

if a child weighs more than 8 kg or more, it will be judged as a “giant baby” in medicine, which reflects that the mothers take in too much nutrition and can’t absorb it by themselves. All of them are given to the child. In this way, the risk of childbirth is increased, and the child will be obese due to excessive nutrition, which hinders the health of the child.

it is wrong to say that the fatter a child is, the better he will develop. When a child’s weight is controlled at 6.5 kg, it is good for the mother. This can also indicate that the child’s brain development is good, and it can be inherited very well. However, if the child’s weight does not meet the standard, then we can nurture the IQ problem, but parents need to work harder.

according to research, the speed of brain development in the first few years of a child’s life is the fastest, and it will gradually slow down after the age of 6. Therefore, parents must seize the period of 1-6 years old to help their children promote brain development.

according to the research of scientists, a substance called DHA is beneficial to the development of brain and promotes the development of brain nerves, which is also known as “brain gold”. So if we want to nourish children’s brain, we must supplement food with high DHA content, such as deep-sea fish, dried fruits, algae and so on. You can increase the amount of food for children.

so we must pay close attention to the development of children’s brain. Not only the development of the left brain, but also the development of the right brain is equally important, and you will find that generally smart children have more active right brain than those who are not smart. So, we can use picture books to develop our brains to make our children smarter.

when it comes to children’s left and right brain development, I remember the picture book that I always recommended to my friends to cultivate children’s left and right brain, called.

when it comes to this book, I think it’s good for him because he can distinguish the left brain from the right brain, because the left brain and the right brain have different abilities, so it’s best to break them one by one.

there are 10 books in total, including: concentration, mathematical ability, logical reasoning, analytical ability, memory, observation, spatial perception, visual training, language ability and creativity. This comprehensive analysis allows parents to make timely choices according to their children’s actual situation.

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