The suspension of face-to-face courses in kindergartens and primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong will continue until the Christmas holiday

According to the Hong Kong Government News Network on November 29, the Hong Kong government announced on the 29th that face-to-face classroom and school activities in kindergartens and primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong will be suspended from December 2 until the school Christmas holiday begins. As for private schools that offer informal courses, face-to-face classes are suspended for two weeks. The Hong Kong Education Bureau reminds schools of the measures and arrangements to be taken during the suspension of face-to-face classes. Schools should flexibly use different teaching modes to enable students to continue to study at home. During this period, the school should keep the school buildings open as usual, so that the students who are lack of care at home can go back to school. The school should also arrange staff on duty to deal with school affairs and answer parents’ inquiries, take care of students who have returned to school, and ensure that sufficient epidemic prevention measures are taken to ensure that the campus environment is clean and hygienic. Parents should take preventive measures against coronavirus disease and pay attention to their children’s health, avoid taking their children to places with crowded population and poor air circulation. School children should maintain a balanced diet, regular exercise and adequate rest to enhance their immunity. Students should not go back to school if they have any physical discomfort. They should seek medical advice as soon as possible and get appropriate diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible.

this afternoon, novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed by Zhang Zhujun, director of the infectious disease division of the Hongkong health and health center, the Hongkong health department, said at the time of 0:00 this morning, 115 new cases of confirmed pneumonia were newly diagnosed in the city. For the fourth wave of epidemic cases, the first hundred cases were confirmed. Among them, 6 cases were imported cases and 109 cases were local cases. Among the local confirmed cases, 24 cases were of unknown origin, and 62 cases were related to dance group. So far, 479 cases have been diagnosed in dance group. In addition, there are more than 50 initially confirmed cases. 08/16/2020