The three “little secrets” of obesity are related to eating, excessive energy and easy starvation

Often heard people say, “drink cold water will get fat”, and some people every day big fish and meat, also do not get fat. In fact, in addition to some genetic factors and personal constitution, it also has a lot to do with one’s eating habits.

people who are used to chewing and swallowing slowly are generally not easy to be obese. First of all, because food is fully chewed in the mouth, some sugars are broken down with the help of salivary glands, and glucose is released. Blood sugar begins to rise slowly. The human body is more likely to have a sense of revenge, so the appetite is relatively small.

and people who are used to overeating, because they eat too fast and food goes directly into the stomach, they need to stay for a longer time to release glucose, so their blood sugar rises slightly slower. It is easy to appear that the stomach is full, and the mouth still wants to eat. If the meal is large, it is easy to eat too much. Lead to excessive intake of energy, and thus more prone to obesity.

studies have shown that green leafy vegetables are rich in vitamin K, which can regulate insulin and inhibit appetite. Therefore, if you don’t like to eat vegetables, it is easy to lead to excessive energy, and not hungry.

in addition, vegetables, coarse cereals and other foods are rich in crude fiber. After eating, they will stay in the stomach for a longer time before they can be gradually decomposed and sugars can be released. So eat more vegetables and coarse grains, on the one hand, can promote the human gastrointestinal peristalsis, improve the absorption function of the human body. In addition, green leafy vegetables and coarse cereals contain some sugars, which can also provide energy for the human body, but also be hungry.

therefore, people who like to eat vegetables and coarse cereals, on the one hand, can inhibit the excessive energy, and at the same time increase the feeling of satiety, so the human body is not easy to get fat.

we often say “eat when you are hungry and sleep when you are sleepy”. In fact, these are very bad habits. But to develop a regular work and rest and eating habits, it is more conducive to the metabolic function of the human body, the best three meals are fixed time and quantitative.

if we wait until we are hungry every time, it is easy to lead to excessive energy intake. For example, for dinner, we wait until we are very hungry. In the process of eating, we need to eat more food to fill our stomachs. However, at night, most of us are in sleep state, and the energy consumption is very low. Therefore, if we eat too much dinner, eat too late, or eat supper and go to sleep when we are full, all of these are important factors for human body to gain weight.

the human body is easy to get fat. In addition to diet factors, it is also closely related to the amount of exercise. “Delicious and lazy” is the “good friend” of obesity, but the “natural enemy” of human health. Not only will make the human body fat, if the long-term lack of exercise, but also make the human body movement system function decline, muscle atrophy, even immune decline, prone to diseases and so on.

reasonable exercise every day can improve the coordination and agility of the body; it can also promote the metabolic function of the human body, prevent the decline of immunity, so as to improve the ability of the human body to resist natural risks, and of course, it can also inhibit obesity. Therefore, exercise is known as the best “anti-aging medicine”. Focus