The veteran who subsidized more than 300 students to live frugally left

He was always mean to himself. He has no children and no children. He is very thrifty in life. The money he donates to the students is saved in his daily expenses. He has always been generous to his students. Over the past few years, he has donated seven times to Tianping primary school. The amount of donation has gradually increased from 2000 yuan at the beginning to 10000 yuan now, totaling more than 40000 yuan. More than 300 outstanding students have received his grants. This is Luo Rongyue, a veteran from Tianping village, Xihe street, Longquanyi District, Chengdu. On January 23, 2019, the reporter reported Luo Rongyue’s donation during his illness. Subsequently, CCTV news, people’s daily, Xinhua and other well-known domestic media successively reprinted it. The kindness of the old man attracted attention and respect, and thousands of netizens sent his blessing. On November 19, Luo Rongyue, who had moved thousands of netizens, left us forever at the age of 94. When he left, he was very peaceful. He did not leave too many last words, but he left tens of thousands of yuan in savings and a will to donate all his property, which was the last donation of his life. < p > < p > on January 16, 2019, Luo Rongyue donated his last grant in the hospital. This time, he had no way to leave for school, so he had to fold up 10000 yuan in cash and entrust it to a trusted person. < p > < p > on January 23, 2019, the reporter once visited Luo Rongyue in Huaqiao Hospital of Tianping village. At that time, the old man was in good health. For the arrival of the reporter, he seemed very happy and energetic. Liu JIACHU, the leader of Luo Rongyue’s villager group, said that the old man had never had a family. He had no children and was very frugal in his life. He could receive five guarantees, special pension and old age allowance every month, totaling more than 2000 yuan. The money he donated to students was saved by him in his daily expenses. In 2013, Luo Rongyue, who had been a teacher and deeply felt the importance of education, came up with the idea of helping students and began to donate grants to the only school in Tianping village, Tianping primary school every year. Over the past few years, Luo Rongyue has donated seven times to Tianping primary school. The amount of donation has gradually increased from 2000 yuan at the beginning to 10000 yuan now, totaling more than 40000 yuan. Luo Rongyue said that in addition to daily expenses, he can save about 1000 yuan a month, almost all of which are donated to the children. He said, “money is something you don’t bring to life or take away when you die.” < p > < p > principal Zhang of Tianping primary school told reporters that the school used to be very simple. In recent years, hardware and software facilities have kept up with each other. There are also many migrant workers’ children entering school. In fact, the school always has special grants. Luo Rongyue’s donation is a kind of spiritual encouragement, which is awarded to the children with both good character and learning and financial difficulties. More than 300 excellent students have received his grants. After Luo Rongyue was ill, many students and their parents went to the hospital spontaneously to visit him, chat with him and send his best wishes. Luo Rongyue was born in 1926. In 1950, the war of resisting U.S. aggression and aiding Korea started, and Luo Rongyue was enlisted. Luo Rongyue can’t remember the number of the troops and the battles they fought. He only remembered himself on the battlefield as a navy in the year of the wire, and a loader in the coastal artillery force. Talking about his comrades in arms, Luo Rongyue still remembers the surname of the platoon leader and a small soldier, and tears flow in his eyes. He felt so lucky that he could do something for the society after he retired from the army. When he returned to his hometown, he worked as a substitute teacher in primary schools and worked hard to set up a kindergarten with villagers. In Luo Rongyue’s view, his experience in the army, the cultural knowledge he has learned, and the pension treatment he enjoys after his old age all come from the kindness of the party. “While I am still here, I will give back to the party and society.” This is a sentence he repeatedly mentioned at that time. Luo Rongyue also won the honorary titles of advanced individual in earthquake relief and good man in Longquanyi District of Chengdu City for his active public welfare undertakings. In October this year, in front of his hospital bed, Luo Rongyue received the commemorative medal for the 70th anniversary of the Chinese people’s Volunteer Army’s war against US aggression and aid Korea. With the help of all, he put on the medal and his eyes showed joy. After the death of my child, I will take care of all the expenses of the fund after my death On November 19, 2020, Luo Rongyue died of illness in Chengdu Aerospace hospital at the age of 94, leaving behind tens of thousands of yuan of savings and a will to donate all his property. On December 3, the reporter contacted Zhou Yongcai, Secretary of the Party committee of Tianping village, Xihe street, Longquanyi District, Chengdu. As for Luo’s last wish, Zhou Yongcai said: “we will follow the will of Lord Luo and make good use of this donation.” At present, uncle Luo’s deposit is being checked and settled. In addition to the funeral expenses and medical expenses before his death, it is estimated that there will be about 60000 yuan left. The village committee intends to use the money to set up a separate “Luo Rongyue fund” in the Tianping village micro fund, which will be used to subsidize the poor students and encourage the students with good character and learning. At the same time, in the future, Tianping village micro fund will regularly inject funds into Luo Rongyue fund. “Mr. Luo’s legacy is limited, but his donation is worth remembering forever. In this way, we want to make this love better spread to the students of Tianping and inherit this spirit all the time.” Zhou Yongcai said. HEALTHY LIFE