The White House chef’s arm circumference is 61cm, how to practice the arm with broken cuff? You can’t just shake the spoon

The stereotype of chef seems to be a hard-working career in the kitchen. However, the cook I’d like to introduce to you today is not only the Royal chef of the White House, but also a big fitness man. His arm circumference is 61cm, and he is in the limelight for a while!

the chef’s name is Andre rush. He is a cook from the military camp. He has an arm circumference of 61cm and weighs 130kg. For boys, a 40 cm arm circumference is enough to prove that they are strong, while a 61 cm visual impact is undoubtedly stronger.

rush’s popularity is very interesting. In a news report, he and two other chefs appeared at the outdoor dinner preparation site of the White House dinner. The reporter captured his profile, and his strong arm quickly became popular on social media, causing hot discussion and attention. After

became popular, rush got more program invitation. He went on the program and taught us how to make a simple and delicious breakfast with the beautiful host. However, the focus of attention is not on food, but on his big arm.

as a chef, it’s obvious that it’s not the back chef who can have such strong arms. After work, rush is a fanatical fitness enthusiast, enjoying the process of impacting heavy weight. He was able to push more than 300kg, which is 2.1 times his weight.

the talent level is very important to have such a terrible arm circumference, and the correct training plays a leading role. Especially the training of triceps brachii at the back of the big arm is the “pillar” that can really determine the size of the arm circumference.

when it comes to arm training, our focus is on the biceps brachii in the front side, and the choice of action is mostly all kinds of bending. However, triceps brachii is more important in terms of muscle volume and visual importance.

in terms of muscle function, triceps brachii is mainly responsible for extending the elbow, which makes our arm straighten from the bending state. In addition, it can also cooperate with shoulder joint extension, shoulder adduction, external rotation and other movements.

the lateral head is located on the outside of the big arm. From the front, it determines the width of the arm. From the side, it affects the separation of the big arm. We mainly practice the lateral head through elbow extension, that is, all kinds of arm flexion and extension. The long head is located on the inside of the big arm near the body. In addition to elbow extension, shoulder extension can also collect the long head, that is, neck back arm flexion and extension. The inner head is located at the lower end of the long head, and the training points are roughly the same. The elbow should be close to the body as much as possible, the grip distance and grip method should be changed appropriately, and the training focus will shift slightly to the medial head.

the following three movements are recommended for you. They can stimulate triceps brachii in isolation. Novices can also feel the muscle power very well. I suggest you arrange them in your training plan.

adjust the rope to the position where the grip is at the same height as the line of sight, keep the elbows close to the body, and press the grip with the palms of both hands facing down and the roots of the palms. Lean forward slightly with both hands, press the grip down from the chest until the arm is straight, pause for 1-2 seconds. Slowly put back the grip, only the small arm moves up, the shoulder and the big arm are fixed.

hook the dumbbell with four fingers of the left hand, and support the right hand and knee on the bench. Keep your back straight, lean down, and look at the front of the syncline. The big arm is close to the body, the elbow is fixed, and the small arm is gradually extended backward to drive the dumbbell up until the big arm is parallel to the ground. Control the dumbbell to put back, the speed is about half of the speed when lifting, until the forearm is vertical to the ground, repeat the action again.

adjust the rope to the lowest position. Back to the gantry, hold the handle with both hands and pull it up to the neck. Keep your elbows fixed, lift the rope up with both hands until your arms are straight at the highest point, and don’t shrug your shoulders. Lower the rope slowly, control the speed of putting back, and lower it to the maximum range of shoulder mobility.

triceps brachii is mainly trained at 8 ~ 12rm, occasionally 1 ~ 3rm. The process of impact weight can improve the efficiency of muscle nerve recruitment, help to increase strength and muscle growth in the later stage.

if you are a “three differentiation” trainer, it is suggested to put the triceps training on the “training day”. After the bench push and shoulder push, select 1-2 arm flexion and extension movements to fully drain the strength of triceps.

if you are a standard “five differentiation” plan, you can put the biceps and triceps into one day’s training, starting with compound action and ending with isolated action, with weight decreasing and concentration increasing.

although the strong arm circumference is enviable, the training plan limited to the arm is blind and inefficient. Arm circumference is just a data, can’t measure your strong, also can’t judge the development degree of the body.

novices don’t just stare at their arms. They spend more time training big muscles such as buttocks, legs, back and chest muscles. Arm strength and girth will naturally increase. PARRENT&CHILDREN