The White House exposed the treatment plan, and the dosage of the prescription aroused concern. Can trump bear it?

after novel coronavirus pneumonia was diagnosed by Trump, many people including the United States were “fighting”. He recommended that he take or use drugs or methods recommended by Trump before the American public, such as “drinking disinfectants” or “taking hydroxychloroquine”. < / P > < p > according to people familiar with the matter, trump was once “in a very serious condition” with high fever, dyspnea and other symptoms. Later in the day, the US media and the White House also disclosed a treatment plan for trump, saying that trump may use a combination of multiple drugs, such as the use of receiver and antibody mixture. < / P > < p > however, what is striking about the treatment plan is that the amount of the antibody mixture used by trump is 8g in one dose. According to the standard of American regenerant pharmaceutical company, the dose is already a large dose. Can trump, now 74, bear it? < / P > < p > for this treatment plan, American netizens are talking about it, and some netizens are very skeptical about the drug dosage. A doctor of medicine criticized Trump’s team, saying, “these doctors either don’t understand the medical literature, or they follow Trump’s tough demands, or they think trump is dying, so they dare to try to use it.” < / P > < p > another netizen said, “although I’m not a doctor, the high-dose drug treatment plan will certainly have great side effects. Trump’s condition does not seem to be severe, so it’s not appropriate to use the maximum dose directly.” < / P > < p > some Americans found that the drug is only an experimental drug, and has not experienced many trials. In this case, White House doctors directly give trump medicine, and it’s still a large dose of 8 grams. It’s unimaginable that his back is cold. < / P > < p > in order to give an explanation to the American public opinion, Joe Cohen, the special author of the journal, interviewed George jankopoulos, the co-founder of the drug company, Zaiyuan pharmaceutical company, and gave people a detailed explanation on the Internet. < p > < p > jankopoulos said that although he did not know why the doctor would prescribe a dose of 8G to trump, from the risk index point of view, the risk of a large dose of drugs is actually “very limited”, and even a large dose means that the duration of efficacy is longer and it is more able to attack the new coronavirus. After that, he said an ambiguous word: if you want to cure a patient, you have to take a large dose. If you want to treat more people, you should use a small dose. < / P > < p > according to the company’s research, the antibody mixture taken by trump has a significant effect on the treatment of patients, but the treatment of trump is still unclear. Jankopoulos said that whether the drug can have a miraculous effect on trump depends on Trump’s physical fitness. < / P > < p > host Cohen found that according to the experimental data of Zaiyuan company, there is no obvious difference in the therapeutic effect between large dose and small dose, and the drug price is very high, so it is difficult to understand to choose large dose. < / P > < p > it is reported that the drug used by trump is only a drug without a large number of trials. As of September 29, only 275 patients had been tested, and they were treated with 8 grams of high-dose treatment, 2.4 grams of low-dose treatment, and placebo. < / P > < p > the results showed that the higher the number of new coronavirus in the body, the better the treatment effect, but did not show how many patients improved. It is estimated that about 1300 new crown patients will participate in the next phase of the drug trial. < / P > < p > according to the source, trump will also use ridcicvir, which has been highly touted by him before. There are thousands of patients in clinical trials of the drug, far more than the number of clinical trials of antibody mixture. < / P > < p > it is reported that trump will take aspirin, vitamin D, zinc, melatonin and famotidine in addition to the antibody mixture. White House doctors said they would take the drug later. Experts pointed out that taking adjuvant drugs, such as aspirin and vitamins, did not actually work against the new coronavirus. 2