There are 3 characteristics on your face. You are the typical “old face”. The older you are, the more you look at it.

Women are afraid of the growth of age, nothing more than fear that the face will gradually grow old, even if the maintenance is good, it is difficult to resist the skin relaxation brought by the feeling of aunt. But what you don’t know is that the women with these three characteristics on their faces are the typical old faces. The older they are, the more they will look at them. < / P > < p > it is said that women’s inherent beauty lasts the longest. Therefore, if you are born with the following three characteristics on your face, even with the growth of your age, your overall appearance will still be resistant to attack. Compared with the delicate feeling maintained by the day after tomorrow, this kind of beauty is the most natural! There are very few women with white skin in Asian women. The natural yellow gas in yellow skin will be more prominent when women grow older. Therefore, many middle-aged women seem to have a strong sense of grandmothers. And the white skin of women in the skin color brightness has a great advantage, not only the overall skin will look better, clothing matching will also show more temperament, we often say a white cover three ugly, talk about the importance of white skin! < / P > < p > the key to women’s aging in middle age is the gradual relaxation of their skin. As long as wrinkles appear in the skin of women with yellow skin, it is easy to enlarge, while for women with white skin, it seems that their skin will age more slowly. The fine lines on the face are hard to see because of the brightness of the skin, so the skin aging degree of white skin women seems to be slower. Now more and more women begin to pay attention to the skin care, but can white skin really maintain it? < / P > < p > we have seen many famous skin care products that talk about the whitening effect, but in fact, they can not fundamentally change the brightness of skin color. The best way is to do a good job in daily sun protection, and the most effective way to ensure the brightness of our skin is not to let the skin darken or get hurt. Chen Shu is a famous antiaging goddess in the entertainment circle. Her skin is typically cold and white. In ordinary collocation, Chen Shu’s white skin can take a great advantage, and the delicate skin of her skin makes her look totally unlike more than 40 years old. < / P > < p > many women, even if their skin is not white, will grow older and more durable if they look good. Therefore, the key to skin care is to ensure adequate sleep. When our skin is in a state of fatigue for a long time, our skin is easy to aging, and deposit more melanin, ensure appropriate rest, so that the skin’s regeneration ability is enhanced, and the metabolism is stable, then our overall complexion will look radiant, even with the growth of age You don’t look old either! < / P > < p > the sudden feeling of a woman’s face shape will make her look extremely old after running four to five. The reason is that the fullness of middle-aged women’s face gradually decreases. When the sharpness of cheekbones is highlighted, women will look aging rapidly. So what’s more, why many women with a round face will be more resistant to aging. If they don’t have a sense of flesh, they will look ugly and ugly. < / P > < p > when the sharpness of our face increases, there will also be an additional effect of aging, that is, the deepening of the eye socket and the increase of the layers of the eyelid. This aging feature can not be held even with a higher appearance value. So keeping the fullness of the face is an important factor in keeping us young. Although Yuan Quan is not a beautiful woman at first sight, we will find that her overall appearance is more and more attractive. It is because Yuan Quan’s apple flesh is full, and the overall face shape is particularly round, which brings us a full sense of collagen. < / P > < p > there are also some women who will lose weight in pursuit of slim figure. Excessive weight loss will lead to instant loss of fullness on the face, so many women who have successfully slimmed down will look older. A really good-looking woman should keep her symmetrical figure and plump facial features. Don’t be too slim, which will keep you young for a long time. < / P > < p > our eating habits largely determine the features of women’s faces. Regular diet can keep your face healthy and plump for a long time, and will not grow old with age. Too much diet or overeating will make your face out of shape, and no matter how good your appearance will be destroyed. Women born with plump faces should also pay attention to the follow-up maintenance, so as to make you older and more durable! The jaw length of women’s jaw is not too narrow, but the length of jaw is too narrow for women. If the jaw line is too long or too sharp, it will make the face look imperfect. The woman born with a smooth and V-shaped jaw line is the youngest. < p > < p > Qin LAN is a typical temperament type beauty in the entertainment industry. Her face shape is not a very hot melon seed face, but it has a just right smooth jaw line. Therefore, Qin Lan’s face will look delicate and small. Even now she is over 40 years old, Qin LAN looks like a gentle and charming girl with no trace of her age. < / P > < p > although many women will change their face shape through cosmetic surgery, the natural smooth jaw line will not change according to time. The failure of cosmetic surgery and sequelae will make your jaw line distorted. This unnatural beauty can not stand the test of time. If you’re born with a smooth jaw line, it’s a beauty. < / P > < p > although the shape of our bones can’t be changed, we can use daily massage to make the skin of our face tighter and create a better jaw line. In our daily skin care work, we can increase the massage link, lift the face form from the chin to the ear root, and the tight skin can change the jaw line direction to a certain extent, and make you look younger! After taking X-ray to discover pregnancy, can the child still want it? The doctor told you so