There are 8 kinds of fetal dreams that pregnant women like to have, each of which has different meanings. What kind of dreams have you had?

It is said that “pregnancy in October, once childbirth”, birth and childbirth is a process that every one of us needs to go through, and it is also a milestone in our life. For us women, it is more like a kind of responsibility and obligation. < / P > < p > many people think that pregnancy is a very simple process, and the magic of giving birth to a life lies in this. However, only those who have really experienced it know that in this short period of ten months, pregnant women should experience no less. < / P > < p > however, many pregnant women feel that during pregnancy, physical pain is nothing at all. What really makes them feel pain is the mental torture. < / P > < p > when pregnant, many pregnant women feel that their mental state is not very good, they feel very trance all day, and sometimes they even feel that they are not in reality. < / P > < p > and the most important point is that when resting at night, pregnant women are easy to dream. Sometimes, many pregnant women will confuse reality with dream, and this kind of dream is called “fetal dream” by many people. < / P > < p > although it’s the 21st century, many things can be explained by science, and people will scoff at things like “strange power and chaos”. < / P > < p > it’s just that once children are involved, parents have to pay attention to them. Everyone thinks that they would rather believe in what they have than believe in what they don’t have. They also taboo these things. < / P > < p > especially during pregnancy, if mothers have some dreams about their children, or dreams related to their children, they have to pay attention to them, for fear that fetal dreams are giving them some “signs”. < / P > < p > dancing leaves: when you find an unexpected pregnancy, you silently say: it’s not mom who doesn’t want you, but mom’s condition is not allowed now. When mom’s condition is better, you come back, mom will treat you well. At night, I dreamt that a very big snake followed me for a long time, then stopped following me and went in another direction. The next day, I went to the hospital for examination. The result was that the fetal heart sound had stopped and the abortion was missed. < / P > < p > can’t guess 111: I was pregnant for the first time. I dreamed that my primary school classmates wanted to send me a small black snake. Because I was most afraid of snakes, I waved my hand in a hurry and ran away. A few days later, I found that I was pregnant, and it didn’t take long for me to grow up naturally. A month later, I dreamed that a small snake was wrapped around my arm. At that time, I had a premonition about whether I was pregnant again. < / P > < p > little snail riding an ox: 13 years I once dreamed that a young man told me that he didn’t like it and I was leaving. I asked him where you were going? I left without looking back. When I got up in the middle of the night, my husband said that the child couldn’t keep it. As a result, the fetus stopped. It was more than three months after the abortion, and the embryo sac was deformed! < p > < p > Ping’an homeland 18595629l: I dreamed that black and white snakes were entangled under the tree. As a result, the color Doppler ultrasound examination showed that they were twins, or maybe twins. At the beginning of pregnancy, my mother and my mother-in-law had a dream that I had a miscarriage, and soon my fetus stopped. During that time, there was bird droppings outside my clothes, but there was no clothes for my husband, father-in-law and mother-in-law. < / P > < p > maybe some pregnant women have some premonitory dreams, and dreams and reality are just combined, which can only be said to be a coincidence, and can not be a basis. < / P > < p > because some pregnant women’s fetal dreams and reality are more accurate, and some are not very accurate, which are not the same, so it’s better to take fetal dreams as a kind of fun, even if you dream, don’t take them too seriously. < / P > < p > if the puerpera put their spirit and all their attention on the fetal dream, their emotions will always be in a tense state, and this mental state is easy to dream, and they will often have some stimulating and terrible dreams, which is not very good for the fetus and puerpera. < / P > < p > I hope my suggestions can help you and make every baby grow up healthily. Focus