There are four kinds of facial abnormalities. It’s the liver that reminds you to check. Don’t wait for the tumor cells to become rampant

Yellowing of the white part of the eye is a typical symptom of jaundice, which is called scleral yellowing in medicine. When liver disease occurs, it can affect the metabolism and transformation of bilirubin, and then increase the content of bilirubin in the body. Bilirubin belongs to neurotoxin, orange yellow. When the bilirubin content increases, it will directly appear on the skin and mucous membrane, making the skin and mucous membrane yellow, and even urine yellow. < / P > < p > in fact, the chloasma on the face is liver spot. When too many chloasma grow on the face, it means that the liver has changed. Liver lesions will affect the regulatory function of hormones, especially reduce the ability to inactivate estrogen in the body, so as to increase the level of estrogen in the body, make the yellowish brown spots deposit on the skin, accelerate the division speed of melanocytes, and cause chloasma on the face. < / P > < p > generally, dark circles appear when staying up late or not getting enough sleep, but they can disappear by themselves after proper sleep supplement, but stubborn dark circles need to be aware of liver damage. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the liver stores blood, can help purify the blood, help discharge the metabolic toxins in the blood. However, when the liver function is damaged, it will reduce the detoxification function, leaving too much metabolic toxins in the blood, and then depositing on the blood vessel wall, making the skin dark and dark. The skin around the eyes is weak and distributed with a large number of capillaries. When the liver is damaged, it will lead to dark circles. < / P > < p > spider nevus is a red spider like nevus, which usually grows on the neck and face. Spider nevus is one of the typical symptoms of elevated estrogen. Elevated estrogen levels will cause abnormal expansion of subcutaneous blood vessels, skin surface will appear red small blood vessels, this is the so-called spider nevus, its shape is like a spider in general. < / P > < p > blood biochemical examination can be used to evaluate liver function, especially in patients with cirrhosis, bilirubin, coagulation function and albumin can be used to judge liver reserve function. Glutamic oxaloacetic transaminase (AST) and alanine aminotransferase (GPT) are indicators of liver cell damage. The increase of LDH, ALP and transpeptidase should be alert to liver tumor. < / P > < p > alpha fetoprotein is a tumor marker for the diagnosis of liver tumor. If alpha fetoprotein is more than 400 micrograms per liter, it is necessary to be alert to liver tumor and further combine with imaging examination after excluding germ gland embryo tumor and pregnancy. In addition, carbohydrate antigen 19-9 examination is also needed. When intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma occurs, carbohydrate antigen 19-9 will increase. < / P > < p > once it is suspected that it is a liver tumor, you need to go to the hospital for examination at the first time. If all imaging treatment can not help the doctor to make a diagnosis, you need to do pathological examination, which is the gold standard for the diagnosis of liver tumor. At the same time, we should take good care of the liver, drink more water, keep moderate exercise, maintain normal weight, avoid overuse of drugs, and actively treat various liver diseases. CUISINE&HEALTH