There are four signs in the morning, suggesting that the liver has “rotten”, if one does not occupy, the liver is not bad

Mr. Li, 59, has always been in good health. Recently, however, he found that he was always bleeding from brushing his teeth, and when he ate, there would be some blood stains on the food. He thought it was his oral problem, so he was ready to take time to have an examination. However, just two days later, there was a loss of appetite, which made Mr. Li very puzzled, so he had to go to the hospital for examination.

after the doctor’s detailed examination, it was found that Mr. Li’s spleen was enlarged, his liver cirrhosis was very serious, and he entered the middle stage of liver cancer. This surprised Mr. Li himself!

doctors have shown that the liver is not only responsible for metabolism, but also for coagulation. Once the liver lesions, coagulation function will be abnormal, this time will be bleeding. In fact, liver disease, the body has a lot of signals, usually pay more attention!

when our liver lesions, liver cells will also be damaged, which will lead to the decline of liver function and abnormal coagulation system. So there will be tooth bleeding, and there may be nosebleed, the most common is the body wound, once bleeding, there will be difficult to heal the problem.

when you urinate in the morning, you can observe that if the urine is light yellow, it means that the liver is healthy. Once the liver is abnormal, the color of defecation will become heavy, mainly because bilirubin is difficult to be decomposed by the liver, and it will be discharged through the urine, which will also cause the urine to be brown.

when a person speaks, if he can smell the bad smell in his mouth, it may be caused by fire. But if you often feel that your mouth is dry and smelly, you should pay attention to the poor metabolism of the liver. Once the liver is damaged, the amount of urea in the blood increases, which can lead to bad breath.

when the liver disease is serious, we may feel pain in our right abdomen. This is because the liver capsule is pulled, so there will be pain, once there is this symptom, we must pay attention to it.

drinking water can help to metabolize toxins in the body, especially when drinking water, the beneficial elements are dissolved in water, which can promote liver metabolism and reduce liver damage. For example:

when drinking water, put a golden chrysanthemum in the water and brew for 2 minutes, just like a flower blooming in the water. It can refresh the mind, nourish the liver and promote detoxification If you insist on drinking, the liver will become better and better.

pay attention not to eat moldy food, eat less high-fat food, and eat more fruits and vegetables, which can help us promote liver digestion and reduce the accumulation of liver toxins. Focus