There are six kinds of fruits that are easy to hurt people, and the third kind can be called the nest of parasites, which smart people don’t touch

In the past two years, our living standard has changed dramatically, and we can eat all kinds of food and fruits from all over the world.

most fruits are rich in dietary fiber and water-soluble content. Regular eating can help maintain health. For female friends, it can also help to nourish and rejuvenate the skin, making the skin more tender.

but I want to remind you that not all fruits are good for your health. For example, if you eat these fruits often, they may increase your burden. I hope you should pay special attention to them.

let me remind you that bananas are fruits with short shelf life. If we don’t eat them in time, their skin will turn black and rot.

Moreover, bananas mainly grow in the south. In order to transport to other regions, they must be harvested before they are mature, so the shelf life of bananas can be extended.

in order to win higher profits, some businesses will accelerate the ripening of some bananas that are not fully mature. The crisp bananas may contain formaldehyde, so eating these bananas often will increase the burden on the body. Therefore, when buying bananas, we must polish our eyes.

although this kind of eating method is very unique and delicious for some northerners, it is now in autumn. The weather is getting colder and colder day by day. If you often eat frozen persimmon, it may cause irritation to gastrointestinal mucosa and induce gastrointestinal cold lesions.

red bayberry is a kind of fruit with high nutritional value. It tastes sour and sweet, which is loved by many children, but the structure of this fruit is very unique.

there are many tiny crevices on the surface of the pulp, and a large number of bacteria and parasites may remain in these crevices. Therefore, Myrica rubra is also known as the nest of parasites.

before eating red bayberry, if it is not cleaned sufficiently, it may cause bacteria and parasites remaining in it to enter the body, increase the burden of the body and induce pathological changes.

when it comes to betel nut, many people may be very surprised and think that betel nut is dry fruit. In fact, betel nut is indeed a kind of fruit growing in the south, and it is loved by many southerners.

you should know that if you often eat betel nut, you may become addicted. Moreover, some irritant ingredients in betel nut may cause irritation to the oral environment and induce oral lesions. Therefore, I hope you can stay away from this kind of fruit as soon as possible.

apple is a very common fruit, which contains vitamins and cellulose needed by human body. But I would like to remind you that you should pay special attention when eating fruit.

in order to obtain higher benefits, make apples look better, or extend the shelf life of apples, some businesses will wax apples artificially.

carambola not only has good shape, but also tastes very good. But it’s better not to eat a lot of carambola, because this fruit contains a certain amount of toxins. If you eat too much, it may increase the burden on the body and liver. Therefore, if you can eat less fruit here, eat less. Focus