There are three reactions in the pregnant mother’s body, suggesting that the fetus is hungry. Do you feel them?

We may not accumulate too much wealth or fame in our whole life, but every parent has accumulated some good experience and quality through life.

from the moment the baby moves, the interaction between the pregnant mother and the baby begins to increase. From the baby’s fetal movement can also determine some of the needs of the fetus in the abdomen.

only when the pregnant mother can understand the “code language” of the fetus in her abdomen, can she safely pass this difficult and dangerous October, especially in the second trimester, when the fetal movement is severe in the second trimester, the pregnant mother must pay special attention to it.

when the fetal movement is too intense, parents must pay attention to whether the fetus has umbilical cord entanglement. When they find that the situation is wrong, the pregnant mother can go to the hospital for relevant examination.

However, the severe fetal movement may also be due to the signal sent by the hungry fetus to the pregnant mother. This pregnant mother also must distinguish, otherwise arrived at the hospital is also in vain.

the sudden acceleration of fetal movement is just like a person who is hungry if he doesn’t eat. If the fetus in the abdomen doesn’t take enough nutrition and Baoma doesn’t eat for a long time, it will also cause the dissatisfaction of the fetus.

the hungry fetus will use both hands and feet to kick the mother. But the strength of the fetus is limited. Even if the fetus is struggling in the womb, it will only show a sudden acceleration of fetal movement frequency.

if Baoma wants to accurately judge whether the fetus kicks herself because of the urge to eat, she has to count the fetal movements frequently and record the baby’s fetal movements more often.

in addition to the sudden increase in the frequency of fetal movement, the sudden slowdown of fetal movement is not necessarily a small matter. The fetus also has its own work and rest rules. If the pregnant mother is careful enough, she can feel the interest of the fetus.

every day, there are some rules in the fetal movement. If parents find that their child’s fetal movement suddenly changes from regular to disorderly, and then suddenly slows down.

after all, when the fetus is active, it also needs to consume some physical strength. If the pregnant mother does not have enough nutrition, she will not have the energy to interact with the pregnant mother.

therefore, if the pregnant mother finds that the fetal movement in her abdomen suddenly has no strength, she may as well eat some food, adjust her mental state, and then interact with her baby.

However, if the pregnant mother’s fetal movement is abnormal only after she is stimulated, she should go to the hospital as soon as possible to avoid the baby’s danger.

pregnant mothers themselves feel hungry. After pregnant, they need to pay special attention to food, clothing, housing and transportation, because the fetus and the pregnant mother depend on each other. If the pregnant mother has an accident, the fetus in the womb is in a very dangerous situation.

so when a pregnant mother is hungry, she must not be able to control herself. Eat as soon as possible. In order to keep a good figure during pregnancy, some mothers often strictly control their diet during pregnancy.

what we eat is low calorie food which is difficult to eat. This kind of food has no sense of satiety, not only has no nutrition, but also may affect the development of the fetus.

to ensure the diversity of staple food, excessive weight growth during pregnancy will lead to excessive development of the fetus in the abdomen, and the weight of the fetus is easy to grow too fast. If not curbed, the newborn may suffer from macrosomia, and the pregnant mother will be at great risk when giving birth.

therefore, during pregnancy, pregnant women should adjust their diet, pay attention to weight control and sugar control. Baoma, who gains too much weight, can ensure the diversity of staple food as much as possible.

you can eat more fruits and vegetables to ensure a balanced diet. In addition, pregnant women can also eat more fruits and vegetables during pregnancy, which can not only ensure that pregnant women can eat enough nutrition, but also enrich the diversity of diet to ensure a balanced diet.

pregnant women must not be picky about food during pregnancy. Many picky pregnant women will supplement their body’s nutrients by taking medicine, but this kind of external supplement is not as effective as food supplement.

keep a certain amount of exercise. If a pregnant mother wants to have a long baby but no meat, she should also keep a certain amount of exercise. Although pregnancy needs to rest assured, it does not mean lying at home until the limbs degenerate.

if a pregnant mother wants her baby to be more healthy and recover as soon as possible after delivery, she should do more exercise, enhance her physical fitness, get less sick and do more exercise during pregnancy.

it’s very difficult to raise a child, but if ten months of hard work can get a healthy baby, I believe many pregnant mothers will be willing to work hard for it. Luanban