There are three “red light signals” in the body. In all likelihood, uric acid exceeds the standard and renal failure is coming

Mr. Chen is 30 years old. He opened a mutton soup restaurant and became the owner. His business is very hot on weekdays. Mr. Chen is very busy. When he is hungry, he drinks some mutton soup to satisfy his hunger. Recently, Mr. Chen wakes up every day, feeling low back pain and swelling of lower leg. At first, Mr. Chen thought that it might be caused by too much work and didn’t care too much. Mr. Chen also found that he could not urinate normally, and his waist was becoming more and more sore. The business of the shop was closed for the time being. He went to the hospital for examination. The uric acid value was as high as 850, and there was a large area of crystallization in the kidney. Although the attending doctors tried their best to rescue him, they did not save Mr. Chen’s life. < / P > < p > the doctor said the reason is that Mr. Chen often drinks goat soup, which contains high purine content, which can be nourishing if eaten properly. However, if you drink it for a long time, it will easily lead to excessive uric acid. When uric acid increases, it will cause corresponding crystallization in the kidney, which will seriously affect the health of the kidney. < p > < p > the results showed that the content of calcium in bone soup was very small, and vitamin D, which could promote calcium absorption, was even less. However, the purine in the bone is easily dissolved in the soup, which will lead to the high purine content in the soup. If you drink it often, it will easily lead to the increase of uric acid and induce gout. The kidney belongs to the viscera of animals, which not only contains a lot of heavy metals, but also contains high purine food. Drinking kidney soup often will lead to the increase of purine content in the body, resulting in the appearance of high uric acid, and then lead to gout. < / P > < p > hotpot is equivalent to a hodgepodge, in which all kinds of food materials can be rinsed, such as animal viscera, seafood, etc. These are high purine foods. After eating hot pot, the purine content in the body will be much higher. When you drink soup again, you will increase the risk of high purine intake.

if urine is bubbly and dark, cloudy, odorous, and foam, it is likely that the metabolic function of renal function is destroyed, and it is also the early manifestation of renal failure. < / P > < p > the main excretion channel of uric acid is urine. Drinking more water can supplement enough water for the body, which is helpful to improve the metabolism of the body. However, drinking water alone has little effect. Some ingredients that can reduce uric acid can be added to protect the kidney. < / P > < p > all the ingredients are crushed into granules and made into tea bags. When necessary, warm water is used for brewing. You can drink more at ordinary times, which can help you better control uric acid and better protect gout and kidney diseases caused by high uric acid. < / P > < p > regular participation in sports can accelerate the blood circulation, and then accelerate the metabolism of uric acid. At the same time, it can avoid the bad health brought by obesity. People with elevated uric acid should pay more attention to their diet in their daily life. In addition to controlling the amount of food in seafood, animal viscera and many other foods, people also need to pay more attention to their diet. Often eat vegetables, so as to ensure the intake of high-quality trace elements, promote the excretion of uric acid. PARRENT&CHILDREN