There is a good way to improve insomnia: usually do more than 3 things, do less than 2 things before going to bed, it is difficult to think of insomnia

People’s pressure comes from cars, houses, children and so on. In the face of such huge pressure, many people will have insomnia at night. Some people’s insomnia is not serious, so they never pay attention to it. From short-term insomnia to long-term insomnia, it not only affects their health, but also seriously threatens their quality of life. < / P > < p > some people are suffering from insomnia for a long time. They have tried all kinds of methods and tried all kinds of methods, but in the end, they still have nothing to do with their insomnia. They are staying up for the longest night and constantly wasting their body. < / P > < p > there are good ways to improve insomnia: in fact, the main reason for insomnia in autumn and winter is the imbalance of spleen and stomach. In fact, as long as you do these three things at home, or you can help yourself sleep better, it’s difficult to think about insomnia. < p > < p > if you feel that you can’t sleep at ordinary times, you should pay more attention to your health, and drink a cup of hot milk at night properly, which can pacify the big family Brain over excited nervous system, to help themselves better sleep, so that their anxiety and tension during the day to stabilize, can play a role in helping sleep. < / P > < p > if you feel that you can’t sleep well at ordinary times, you may be lack of Zhining polysaccharide. This kind of substance is a kind of substance that can appease nerves and nourish the central nervous system of the brain, which has great benefits for people with severe insomnia. < / P > < p > this is because this substance contains a large number of Ganoderma triterpenoids and active enzymes, which can play an important role in calming the nerves and Tonifying Qi. It can strengthen the spleen and stomach, improve the disorder of the spleen and stomach, and it is also rich in active enzymes, which can remove free radicals in the body and help delay aging. In addition, it has been recorded as early as in ancient books that Zhining polysaccharide can strengthen muscles and bones, and relieve palpitations, cardiac tamponade, tinnitus and other symptoms. < / P > < p > soaking feet is very good for our body. Soaking feet can promote the blood circulation of the body, accelerate the basic metabolism of the body, and eliminate the toxic substances in the body through the metabolism of the body. And feet can also pacify the nervous system, help nerves that are too nervous during the day to be pacified. Play a role in relieving nerve tension and muscle soreness. < / P > < p > for people who are prone to insomnia, playing with mobile phones is a very laborious behavior. There are a lot of blue light and radiation in mobile phones. People who are prone to insomnia are easily stimulated by these things, and then lead to insomnia. < / P > < p > playing with mobile phones is not only not good for sleep, but also harmful for eyes. Playing with a mobile phone for a long time will make your eyes tired and stimulate the central nervous system. < / P > < p > for many people, drinking is essential on some special occasions, especially for male comrades. Some people like to drink to relieve their worries, thinking that drinking can make them escape from the depression of life temporarily and forget some things. < / P > < p > but this is not the case. People who are prone to insomnia drink alcohol will increase anxiety, often feel that life has no interest, and the nerves under alcohol paralysis will get temporary sleep, but this kind of sleep is not long and is not conducive to human health. < / P > < p > moreover, the damage of alcohol to the brain can not be repaired. In daily life, we should pay attention to drinking less and develop good habits for our health. Focus