There is a kind of “plastic surgery” called Gina makeup, plain face as controversial, netizen: said she 40 I believe

As the most important part of giving people the first impression, many girls attach great importance to eyes. Big and God’s eyes are also the standard of beauty, and for beauty girls, exquisite eye makeup is naturally the top priority in makeup.

actresses pay attention to eyelashes even though they have good facial features and higher facial values than ordinary people. Some time ago, when I was chasing variety show, I was beautified by lanlang’s beautiful wife Gina’s eyelashes. She had thick eyelashes, which made her eyes look like Barbie dolls. However, many netizens have questions: is Gina’s eyelashes rented? Why didn’t you ever see her take off her eyelashes.

after becoming a daughter-in-law in Northeast China, Gina is more and more cheerful. In the face of netizens’ doubts, she directly opens the live show to remove her makeup. The state of Gina in front of the camera is very real, and Gina’s eyes are very weak after removing her thick false eyelashes. No wonder netizens say: seeing Gina in plain face, she says she believes it when she is 40 years old.

it’s not just Gina. Jingtian, who had cut her double eyelids by herself, has no eyelashes. Her double eyelids are wide and obvious, and her eyes are weak. She doesn’t have the usual aura.

some people have the same question as me. Why don’t female stars grow eyelashes when they have money? After planting eyelashes, don’t you need to brush and unload eyelashes every day? In fact, many people who have planted eyelashes know that not only is there a great risk, the unqualified glue can easily hurt their eyes, and it’s not worth the loss, but also the eyelashes will fall off in one or two months, so it’s very troublesome to plant them again.

, but the choice of mascara is also a big problem. Joe Chen was embarrassed because he had used the waterproof mascara and tears when he was making a crying play.

I have always had trouble knowing how to Choose Mascara, but I had a good recommendation from my girlfriends, and bestie recommended it. This is a thick, long, two in one mascara, which is not only easy to use but also waterproof.

this mascara can really make people fall in love for a moment. For such a hand disabled party like mine, it is a laborious and time-consuming technology to brush eyelashes. But with this mascara, there is no such trouble. After looking at the long eyelashes after the brush, the effect is very clear and very curly.

many mascara on the market are very hard and can not be completely, for the small eye eyelashes can not take care of the short eyelashes. This mascara will design a soft brush head for this kind of problem. It can bend at will, and the edges and corners of the eyes can have obvious long effect.

this mascara has a very intimate design. It specially adds a magnetic sense design to eliminate the dropsy of the eyes. When applying eye cream, you can massage your eyes by the way to promote blood circulation around the eyes. It can effectively fade the fine lines and dark circles under the eyes. It can also eliminate the swelling of the eyes in the morning.

after using this mascara, I also have the habit of massaging my eyes. After a period of time, my eyes do not seem so tired, and the fine lines are also much lighter.

mascara to meet the needs of different makeup, but also specially designed slender and dense two kinds of effects, girls can choose according to their needs, in my experience, the use of two stacking effect is very good.

the good news is, now this long curled double eyelash cream is the active period, save two cups of milk tea can start, beauty makeup girl must not miss. Pigtail is the most delicious way to do, super simple, women often eat, beauty and beauty, delay aging