There is nothing alcohol can’t solve about the cleaning skills of towel, toothbrush, razor and toilet

Nowadays, people’s lives are very busy. It’s impossible to clean their homes every day. But if they don’t clean their homes for a long time, bacteria will grow. Especially in the wet bathroom, toothbrushes and towels will become the best places for bacteria to grow. Let’s take a look with “future home decoration network” < / P > < p > everyone pays great attention to oral health, and brushing is the best way to protect the oral cavity, but the toothbrush in the bathroom looks very clean, but it is full of bacteria. Even if the toothbrush is not placed in the bathroom, there will still be bacteria after a period of use. < / P > < p > as we all know, alcohol can kill a variety of bacteria, so you can soak the cleaned toothbrush in alcohol to kill all the bacteria on the toothbrush. < / P > < p > the towel in the bathroom is also a “disaster area” of bacteria. When you find that the towel feels greasy, you can scrub it with salt water first, then soak it in alcohol solution after scrubbing, and the towel after drying is almost the same as the new one. < / P > < p > the environment in the bathroom is humid, and the towel hanging in the bathroom for a long time will turn yellow, black and even moldy. If it is not disinfected in time, it is bound to affect the health of family members. < / P > < p > besides using special detergent, the toilet can also be cleaned with alcohol. Maybe the cleaning effect is average, but the sterilization effect is absolutely good. It’s just a waste! < / P > < p > in addition, the faucet, shower and other hardware can also be wiped with alcohol, which can not only make these hardware as bright as new, but also kill all kinds of bacteria on them. 08/16/2020