These 4 caesarean section matters should pay special attention to, the doctor won’t say, but the lying in woman should know

Getting married and having children is a process that we all need to go through, and it is also a milestone in our life. If we have not experienced it, life is incomplete.

especially for women, it is not only our responsibility but also our obligation to have children, which is an indispensable part of our life.

only by becoming a mother can we have a more complete life, experience the happiness and happiness of being a mother, and realize what it is like to have a home of our own.

in the past, at that time, women married earlier, but their status was not very high. They had to have children as soon as possible when they were married to the man’s family, so as to stabilize their status in the husband’s family.

Moreover, in the age of men’s respect, women need to have more children, and they must also be boys. It is normal for a woman to have five or six children.

but it was very dangerous to have children in those days. Because of the backward medical conditions, women had to rely on their will to have children.

However, once the fetal position is not correct, the fetus is big, or the maternal itself has gestational hypertension or gestational diabetes, then there will be dystocia to a large extent.

with the exploration of medical technology, another mode of delivery – “cesarean section” has emerged, which enables many women to ensure their life safety during childbirth.

different from the normal mode of delivery, the normal mode of delivery is the baby’s full-term head into the basin, and with the labor pains, the maternal will give birth, and then the baby is born safely.

but caesarean section is to open the belly of the pregnant woman, and then cut the uterus of the pregnant woman, and take out the fetus by artificial technical means, to a large extent, ensure the safety of the maternal and fetal.

later, with the increasing popularity of the technology of “Caesarean section”, this technology was gradually recognized by the public, and even the saying that “children born by caesarean section do not live long” has gradually disappeared.

However, many mothers only know what benefits caesarean section will bring to them, but they don’t know what precautions they need during cesarean section, and some doctors don’t tell the lying in women in such detail. Today, we’ll have a look.

caesarean section is different from normal childbirth. Normal natural childbirth can’t predict the exact time until the baby is willing to come out.

However, caesarean section is artificially intervened. That is to say, the time of caesarean section is selected by the doctor. Before the caesarean section, the doctor will only tell the lying in woman that “no eating is allowed within 6 hours before the operation”.

lying in women can only do as they are told, but I don’t know why. This is because the lying in women need to empty their intestines and stomach, so that the exhaust after the operation will be smoother, and there is no need to suffer so many crimes.

almost all women have a natural fear of childbirth, especially the pain of childbirth, and the fear of accidents during childbirth. They always think about something that is not.

and mothers must relax before giving birth. Doctors have a lot of experience. If they can’t cooperate with doctors because they are too nervous, it will make doctors more difficult.

However, the living environment is very different from that in the past. It is much better than before. Therefore, you can take a bath without infection.

it’s just that you can’t take a bath and wash it with hot water higher than the indoor temperature. It’s better not to take more than 15 minutes. However, doctors seldom tell the lying in women about this, for fear that their recovery will aggravate their physical burden. Therefore, most doctors will prohibit it and will not give such details.

but now they are all horizontal cutting edges. Although they will not leave too big marks, they also need to be paid attention to. We must keep the wound dry and clean, and do not get wet. If there is swelling and infection, we should see a doctor in time. If it is summer, the wound should not be covered too thick to avoid inflammation.

at present, there are only two modes of delivery, namely “natural delivery” and “cesarean section”. After all, cesarean section is also an operation. If a woman can have a natural birth, she must have a natural birth. Don’t think that caesarean section saves time and effort, but listen to the doctor’s advice.

after reading this article, what else should we pay attention to in caesarean section? How do you choose when you give birth? Welcome to leave a message for discussion!

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