These four types of lucky pregnant mother, generally do not grow stria gravidarum, I hope you are one of them

When women give birth, they are the hardest. They not only have to bear a growing accessory, but also accept the changes of appearance and body. The body is out of shape, the vision becomes fat, is the pregnant mother must face. There is also a lot of mothers to be distressed about the matter is the stomach long stretch marks. < / P > < p > stria gravidarum is caused by the baby’s growing, stretching the mother’s stomach, so that the belly continues to expand and the fiber on the skin breaks. With stria gravidarum, the belly will appear a different stripe, visual will not look good, affect the aesthetic feeling. And stretch marks are difficult to remove after birth, which will bring great trouble to the expectant mothers who love beauty. < / P > < p > however, some expectant mothers do not have stria gravidarum, and some people will be very curious, why do some people have some stria gravidarum? These four types of lucky pregnant mothers, generally do not have stria gravidarum, I hope you are one of them. Some studies have shown that the long stretch marks during pregnancy and childbirth are related to family inheritance. In other words, mother, aunt or grandmother pregnant when not long stretch marks, then their own probability is not long. Because the skin inherited by the family is more tenacious, it is not easy to be stretched and deformed. If you want to know if it’s easy for you to get pregnant marks, you can ask your mother or aunt. < / P > < p > young mothers are in the golden age of their bodies when they give birth. All the functions of their bodies are full and their skin is tight. Therefore, compared with older mothers, young mothers are less likely to have gestational marks when they give birth, and their skin and metabolism are better. < / P > < p > there is another kind of mother who is very self disciplined and pays attention to fitness and balanced diet. The management of the body is more strict, there is no fat, and there is little slack on the body. When pregnant, even if they have a “small burden”, it is not a difficult mode for them, and the skin that has been in a state of tension is not easy to grow stretch marks. < / P > < p > the main reason for prone to stretch marks is the accumulation of fat on the stomach, which constantly expands and extends the skin, leading to fiber fracture. When the expectant mother has been controlling her weight better, her weight during pregnancy is not so heavy, and her stomach is not so big, it is not easy to break the fiber, so it is not easy to grow stria gravidarum. < / P > < p > as mentioned above, weight can affect the growth of stria gravidarum. So expectant mothers should take action, maintain a good exercise habit, control weight at the same time also put the skin exercise tight, so that the stretch marks will grow less, the color will be slightly lighter. < / P > < p > as we all know, one of the reasons for wrinkles is that the skin is no longer full of moisture, and the tissue elasticity is decreased, and the secret of anti wrinkle is moisturizing. In fact, this is the same principle as anti wrinkle. If the skin is fully moist, it will keep elasticity to the greatest extent, so it is not easy to get long lines. < / P > < p > pregnancy can be said to be a very hard time for mothers. They have a burden on their body, and they will also bear psychological pressure, which requires expectant mothers to relax and face physical changes with an optimistic attitude. These are the normal phenomenon of pregnancy, pregnant mothers don’t worry too much, active nursing, reasonable weight control, to a certain extent, can inhibit the growth of stria gravidarum. And there are traces of stria gravidarum on the body, which is also a kind of memory and authentication, and has certain significance. 08/16/2020