These three kinds of food are not suitable for pregnant mothers to make supper. If you like them, try not to touch them. Be careful of “unstable fetus”

Many Baoma said: knowing that it’s not good to eat in the evening, there are always some people who “poison” in the circle of friends late at night. Hot pot and kebab make people drool. Moreover, the energy consumption during pregnancy is very high. It seems that it is not so heinous to eat something you like before going to bed, so many Baoma start the “night snack time”. Recently, Ms. Liu especially likes to eat hot and spicy food, such as chicken noodles, etc., especially in the dead of night. However, in recent days, Ms. Liu’s stomach is a little uncomfortable. She went to the hospital to have a look, but the problem is not big. It is mainly accumulated food, and spicy food stimulates the gastric mucosa. However, doctors still suggest that pregnant women, especially before going to bed, do not eat such heavy taste, which will not only stimulate the body, but also affect the development of the baby, resulting in “unstable fetus”. < / P > < p > for pregnant mothers, they need to pay attention to food, clothing, housing and transportation. It’s not to say that treasure mothers can’t eat before they go to bed. If they go to bed hungry, they will be very uncomfortable, but there are three kinds of food that are not suitable for pregnant mothers to make supper. They also hope that the pregnant mothers can control themselves and try not to touch them again if they like them. Don’t regret it when the baby protests. < p > < p > heavy salt may cause edema during pregnancy, and in severe cases, hypertension during pregnancy, which is a relatively dangerous disease. Therefore, the daily intake of salt for Baoma should not exceed 6G. If you really want to eat salty food once in a while, but do not eat it before going to bed, which will increase the pressure on the kidney and stomach. Heavy spicy will stimulate Baoma’s stomach and accelerate blood circulation. The baby will also feel it in her mother’s body. Don’t disturb the baby’s rest at night. < / P > < p > many pregnant mothers are loyal viewers of food broadcasting, while most of them will be broadcast live in the evening, and their food is also varied, such as big elbows, Turkey noodles, stomach wrapped brain, etc. It’s hard to eat greasy food, but seeing other people enjoy it will arouse people’s interest. Especially eating meat at night makes people feel very happy. But for Baoma, eating too greasy food before going to bed is easy to cause food accumulation. Especially when she is older, her gastrointestinal function is affected, which may make her feel a little uncomfortable on the second day. < / P > < p > in addition, pregnant mothers should not think that eating greasy food is to supplement protein for their baby. There is a certain standard for nutrients needed by baby growth and development. If the standard is exceeded, it will be transformed into the fat of Baoma, and it will be very hard to reduce it in the future. < p > < p > snack street is a place that many pregnant mothers like to go. However, most of the time, their families are not allowed to touch them because of their pregnancy. Therefore, pregnant mothers will have the idea of “eating secretly”, especially taking advantage of the stillness of night to have a small bunch of children. Life is really wonderful. < p > < p > but now you have to break your imagination, because street snacks are night snacks, which are harmful to Baoma and her fetus. After all, this kind of food with more salt, additives and oil is really not suitable for pregnant women. It is not only irresponsible for their own body, but also responsible for the development of their children. Therefore, we should try to stay away from the snack street during pregnancy. < / P > < p > if the pregnant mother is really hungry before going to bed, it is OK to have some porridge, which is not only conducive to digestion, but also not greasy. This is the correct way to open the night snack during pregnancy. Focus