These three signs of aging, not a matter of age, may be due to high uric acid caused by diet

Introduction: aging is a problem that both men and women are afraid of. But now our life and diet are getting better and better. Many people will eat and drink blindly and pay no attention to their own diet. However, if the uric acid in our body increases, it will speed up our aging. Therefore, want to anti-aging friends must quickly pay attention to it. < / P > < p > when our uric acid levels rise. This will make our body’s water balance seriously. It’s the water in our bodies that doesn’t pass through our kidneys properly. Then it will appear in our body, because coupled with the usual not paying attention to living habits, this will cause the cause of physical obesity. < / P > < p > many female friends have acted in this situation, a lot of hair loss, because hair loss is a headache for our female friends. This is mainly because we use too much acid substances, which lead to acid substances entering our scalp layer, which will lead to a large number of hair loss. < / P > < p > in addition, if the uric acid level in the body is too high, it will also make our skin dull. There is no luster, no color, and looks older. This is mainly because our face is short of water, so it looks older. So we should drink more water at ordinary times, so as to alleviate the water shortage in our body. < / P > < p > generally speaking, girls don’t like sports compared with boys, but sports bring us great benefits. It can help us discharge excess water and garbage in our body, and also help improve our metabolism. It is very helpful for stress and our uric acid. < / P > < p > I also want to teach you our uric acid. The main reason is caused by diet, so we must improve our diet, eat more food to help us excrete acid. Usually, we must eat less seafood and high purine food, such as sea fish and shrimp, which can not be eaten too much. This will only increase the uric acid value in our body. < / P > < p > for friends with high uric acid value, they can’t eat this, they can’t eat that, and many of them can’t eat what they want to eat, which is a very painful thing. Therefore, in addition to improving eating habits, we can also drink more tea to help alleviate the high level of uric acid and reduce the uric acid in our body, which is also good for our body. In Li Shizhen’s book, chicory, Gardenia jasminoides, lily, Pueraria and other ingredients were mixed and boiled to help reduce uric acid in our body. This is also a food material recognized by doctors privately. The various functions of the ingredients are as follows: < / P > < p > chicory: chicory is the most natural acid reducing food material, and we all know its acid reducing effect. In addition, it can also help us detoxify and clear away heat. < / P > < p > it is very easy for us to buy food materials. But for the proportion distribution, it may be a rather troublesome and time-consuming thing. For this reason, many friends at work can choose the tea bags we prepare for you, which also saves a lot of time for you. Conclusion: therefore, we must pay attention to our diet at ordinary times, and do not let our uric acid increase, so that we can have a healthy body. In addition, we should take more exercise and drink more uric acid reducing tea in the future, so that the combination of the two can help us achieve double effect, and long-term persistence can be effective. 08/16/2020