Three crimes of superior education, such as long time span of prepayment of tuition fee and doubt of school running qualification

In October 25th, President Chen Hao of the education for excellence, who issued a personal message on micro-blog and jitter, said that tiktok was broadcast live on time at 8 tonight, reporting progress, but did not attach live links. Before that, it had been banned because of “improper speech” and could not live to prove that “did not run.”.

at this time, it has been nearly a week since the news of “Thunderbolt” came out from this old educational institution. On October 19, some parents and employees went to Unison’s Beijing headquarters to ask for refund and pay. According to media reports, the headquarters of Yousheng education in Beijing has been empty.

Yousheng education, a brand owned by Beijing Yousheng brilliant Education Technology Co., Ltd., was founded by Chen Hao in 2004, focusing on “one-to-one teaching”. The teaching range includes primary school, junior high school and high school. According to the company’s official website, Yousheng Education Group has set up more than 1000 Zhimeng branches in more than 400 cities across the country.

since the outbreak of the epidemic this year, offline education industry has experienced frequent “Thunderbolt”, and Yousheng education has become the largest educational institution in many cases. Time weekly reporter incomplete statistics, only one campus in Guangzhou area of Yousheng education owes employees salaries and tuition fees as high as one million yuan.

on the evening of October 24, Chen Hao appeared on a live broadcast platform, saying that he was dealing with the campuses and cities affected by the incident, and that priority should be given to solving the problem of attending classes for graduating students. “Some investors are interested in investing in the education industry at this time, and some super large institutions can take over the campus of unison education in a district of Beijing.”

in the live broadcast on October 21, Chen Hao attributed the main reason of the company’s capital chain fracture to some franchisees’ “throwing off the pot and running away” and the failure to stop and reduce employees’ salaries during the epidemic. However, according to the investigation of time weekly, many problems of superior education have been revealed as early as last year. From the lack of school running qualification, to the long-span system of tuition fees in advance, and then to the internal chaotic management mode, the hidden danger of superior education has been buried from the beginning of expansion.

“objectively speaking, the success education has come to this level is entirely due to Chen Hao’s arrogance, expansion and poor team management.” On October 24, an investor who has joined Yousheng education for many years told time weekly.

one detail can prove it. Li Liang, a franchisee of Yousheng education in Shanghai, recalled to the times weekly that in October 2019, when he went to the headquarters of unison education in Beijing to reflect on serious losses and other problems, Chen Hao was interviewing the driver in the reception hall for himself: “when someone comes, he asks,” where are you driving now? ” “Have you ever driven a Rolls Royce?”

according to the relevant regulations issued in 2018, the charging period and teaching arrangement of off campus training institutions should be coordinated, and the fees with time span of more than 3 months shall not be charged at one time.

in excelsior education, the higher the amount of tuition prepaid, the greater the discount, and the more free class hours. This leads to the overstocking of students’ class hours, which often takes more than a year to digest.

on October 24, her parents, Ms. Liu, told the times weekly that she had paid more than 50000 yuan in tuition in November 2019, and there were still nearly 10000 yuan worth of class hours left. Ms. Liu said that many parents, including her, paid more than 10000 yuan.

according to a preferential policy for winning education in 2019 obtained by time weekly, in June 2019, winner Education launched a one month “preferential stored value product” with a total of five stalls. The lowest class is the winter and summer class with a recharge amount of 15000 yuan, and the highest class is the winter and summer class with a recharge of 72000 yuan and a gift of 46000 yuan, which is equivalent to a “6.1% discount”. If the price of 200 yuan / class hour is calculated, the total number of class hours obtained by parents after recharging is 75-590 hours.

although giving lessons is a common promotion routine of superior education, in the company, the free hours promised by some sales personnel are not included in the class hour system.

on October 23, Yang Xue, a former employee of Yousheng education’s ERGONG campus in Guangzhou, told the times weekly that if you need to digest the class hours given by student a, you need to fill in the class quota of other people in the system. Therefore, in the system, the actual class hours of old students are often filled with the class quota of new students.

“we will give parents a paper version of the class record after class, but this is completely different from the record in the system.” Yang Xue said that since the newly registered mobile phone number can get several free audition classes, the mobile phone numbers of her and her colleagues have been registered to fill the gap in the class.

this also makes the demand for new students stronger. According to Yang Xue, in the city’s second palace campus, teachers are trained from Wednesday to Friday. The content of the training is how to sell the latest preferential packages and class hour packages to students. To get a monthly performance of 500 yuan, you need to sign up for more than 30 classes with a new student.

a recording of the employees’ meeting held in Guangzhou on October 21 obtained by time weekly showed that Ms. Zhou, regional manager of Yousheng education in Guangzhou, also acknowledged that there was a problem with the prepaid mode of Yousheng education. She said that the money from sales is cash flow, but what they really get is after-school profits.

“if we follow the previous model, we can survive, but because of the epidemic, the cash flow will be broken, and the money will not keep up with it.” Ms. Zhou said.

according to the revised in 2018, extracurricular training institutions need to obtain and with training business scope. Among them, the handling of school running license has strict regulations on the area, safety and fire control of the site.

Yang Xue told the times weekly that due to the lack of fire safety certification materials, teachers and students were forced to “fight guerrillas” in response to frequent inspections by the education department during the winter and summer holidays.

Yang Xue said that due to the low requirements of one-on-one guidance on the venue, in January 2019, she once taught students at McDonald’s. At the beginning of 2020, excelsior education rented a room in the yoga studio next door for remedial lessons.

this phenomenon is not unique. Chen Na, a teacher at a Shanghai Campus of Yousheng education, told the times that she had made up lessons for students in fast food restaurants such as burger king. “Another time, in a hotel room, we simply separated them with plastic plates. In one room, we could take three courses of Chinese, mathematics and English at the same time.”.

this issue was confirmed in Chen Hao’s live broadcast on October 21. Chen Hao said that in 2018 and 2019, due to the rapid development, nearly 50% of their campuses were forced to relocate because they did not meet the national standards, and many campuses had cash flow problems.

Li Liang told the times weekly that among more than 20 campuses in Shanghai, only xinjiangwan and Nanfang mall had school running licenses.

on October 22, a reporter from time weekly went to some of Yousheng education’s directly operated campuses in Guangzhou. Among them, Binjiang campus has been renamed “zhengtongben education”, while the city’s second palace campus still bears the name of “superior personality”, but on the right side of the signboard is also written “zhengtongben Education City two palace teaching points”. A staff member of Yousheng education Guangzhou Binjiang campus told the times weekly that the reason for the change was that “during the epidemic situation, the name on the business license was required to be used when the street office and the Education Bureau came to inspect it.”.

Tianyan survey shows that Haizhu District of Guangzhou is wholly owned by Tianjin Youwen education management company, and Chen Hao holds 85% of Tianjin Youwen’s shares. At the same time, the chairman and legal representative of tongben education is Zhu Guangfeng, who is the shareholder and supervisor of Yousheng brilliant.

on October 24, Ms. Li, the parent, told the times weekly that during the negotiations between many parents and principal Chen of Yousheng education’s second palace campus in Guangzhou, President Chen never produced the business license and school running license of Yousheng education or the same education. On October 26, the staff of the Education Bureau of Haizhu District of Guangzhou City replied to the reporter of the times weekly that the Binjiang campus of Yousheng education had a school running license, but the city’s second palace campus had not applied for a school running license.

the so-called “direct alliance” refers to the investment of the franchisee and the management of the brand. The franchisee has no right to participate in the daily operation of the campus. All the management teams are appointed by the headquarters of Yousheng education. On the official website of Yousheng education, this franchise model is called “cooperation 5.0”, which means that it binds itself to the interests of franchisees and shares the operational risks with franchisees.

However, in the actual joining process, the management level of the campus is often difficult to keep up with, and sometimes even the campus management personnel including the president can not match them. The saying that “sharing the operation risk with the franchisee” has become a mere talk. A number of investors told time weekly that they often only make profits in the first few months after the opening of the franchise campus, and then began to lose money until they were forced to close down.

Li Liang told the times weekly that there was a “minimum guarantee agreement” in the franchise contract, that is, if the investor is willing to withdraw after one year of operation of the campus, the headquarters of Yousheng education will buy back the investment at the price of 110% of the total investment amount of the investor.

but in July 2019, after the campus was launched, the management staff of the campus could not be fully equipped. Li Liang said that in addition to no loss in the first month after opening, the campus has been in a state of overspending every month since its opening.

in addition, Li Liang also found that the seal on the franchise contract he signed was not the main body of Yousheng education, but Beijing Aojiao Bowen Education Consulting Co., Ltd. According to Tianyan, Gaoyu and Zou Jia each hold 50% of Aojiao’s blog, which has no direct connection with Yousheng brilliant.

this led to a great increase in the difficulty of rights protection. “The lawyer told me that the initial franchise fee should not be taken back, only to see whether the later investment can be recovered.” Li Liang said.

“before joining the company, the headquarters of the company has guaranteed that the school running license can be easily obtained.” On October 24, Chen Hai, a franchisee of Yousheng education, told the times weekly that he invested more than 2 million yuan to join Yousheng education in 2016, and his initial performance was good. However, due to “there is a problem with the campus address selected by the headquarters of Yousheng education, we did not get the school license until 2019 when we closed business”.

Chen Hai told the times weekly that since 2017, he and his partners have found problems in the operation of the campuses they have joined. Chen Hai has visited the headquarters of Yousheng education in Beijing several times to reflect on the problems, but all of them have fallen into the sea.

Finally, a campus in Shanghai invested by Chen Hai exploded, and a large number of parents poured into the campus to ask for refund. Today, Chen Hai and his company are still burdened with a debt of nearly 4 million yuan due to the “explosion” of the campus.

in the live broadcast on October 21, Chen Hao said that Yousheng education had sought to be listed in 2018. According to Chen hai to the times weekly reporter, during that time, the overall superior education was selling class hours at a very low price to supplement the cash flow, “it is obvious that the number of class hours, students at that stage, is fundamentally endless. We also went to the headquarters for early warning. It’s useless. Everything is for listing. “.