Three “Taboos” for girls to wash their face, the more you wash, the uglier you are. You don’t know if mites grow on your face

Introduction: if you want good skin, first of all, we need to wash our face very clean, and then start to maintain our skin. But when it comes to face washing, we all think that face washing is very simple, that is, after washing the face with facial cleanser, wash it off with clean water. In fact, it’s not. < / P > < p > we should also use the right method to simply wash our face. After washing our face, it will make us whiter and whiter, and our skin will be better and better. There are also some wrong ways to wash your face, you must pay attention to it, otherwise the more you wash your skin, the worse it will become. In particular, the third method is easy to grow mites. < / P > < p > 1. If we only use water to wash our face, there is no good way to wash off the oil on our face, so we will use facial cleanser to clean it. Some people directly apply facial cleanser to their face and start to wash their face, but this is not correct, because our skin is very sensitive and fragile, which will damage the cuticle of the skin. The right thing to do is to wash the cleansing cream on the Internet, rub the foam, and then apply it to the face to wash. This can not only clean well, but also reduce the irritation of facial cleanser to skin. < / P > < p > 2. Some girls think that washing face with cold water can shrink pores very well, but this way of washing face is also incorrect. Washing face with cold water will make our facial skin contract suddenly, so that the cells in our skin will be out of balance suddenly, which will cause skin drying, wrinkles and other situations. So be sure to avoid washing your face with cold water. The most suitable temperature for face washing is about 34 ℃, which helps to open skin pores and absorb skin care products later. < / P > < p > 3. Many people will dry their face with a towel after washing, but the towel is the most easy to breed bacteria and mites, which will also transfer bacteria and mites to the face after washing. Therefore, it is suggested that after washing your face, you should use disposable face towel to dry the water on your face, which is more hygienic. As the disposable washcloth is dry, it will not breed bacteria and mites. < / P > < p > now we can also soak the lower anti mite bag in the water of shampoo, which can remove the breeding of mites on the head. This can also be put in the bath, which can be dried after washing, and then put in any corner of the home to continue to remove mites. < / P > < p > in order to prevent the breeding of mites, in addition to mite bag is also an essential thing at home. Tftbs mite Lijing is a bag recommended by many people. Now many hotels also use this bag. < / P > < p > of course, the ingredients of such an effective acaricidal product include citronella, which destroys the activity of mites, and the fragrance of lemon. Old people and children can rest assured to use this anti mite bag. The plant fragrance it sends out can attract thousands of mites, and then kill stubborn mites. Isn’t it very convenient? < / P > < p > and this mite removing bag can also be used for shampoo and bath to eliminate mites deposited on our bodies. It can eliminate the mites deposited at home and the stubborn mites deposited on our skin. You can easily get rid of it with less than a few cents a day. < / P > < p > conclusion: removing mites is an essential part of our life. Without the invasion of mites, our skin will get better and better. To keep our skin healthy, we still need to remove mites all the time and keep our skin clean. Focus