To see a doctor in the hospital, is it necessary to find acquaintances? You can’t see a doctor without an acquaintance? Talk to the doctor

We are a society of personal feelings. We want to find an acquaintance wherever we go. It’s normal. Is it necessary to find an acquaintance to see a doctor in the hospital? This matter, the doctor and you have a good chat!

this incident has happened for a long time. It is estimated that it will take two years. One night, it is about 22 o’clock, and it is about to go to bed. Suddenly, I received a call from our class. This point must be urgent. I quickly answered the phone and asked me to take a look at his mother’s ECG. I was a little puzzled at that time about why I wanted to find a bone The doctor came to see the ECG and did not contact the cardiologist. He said that his mother was traveling abroad, and suddenly had pain in the precordial area. The local hospital made an ECG and suggested that his mother do emergency interventional operation immediately. He doubted the local level and knew me without contacting the cardiology medical students. So he told his mother to take the ECG and ask me for help Look, how long did I say it was? He said an hour ago

I thought there was something wrong with this matter at that time, so I quickly sent the ECG to the cardiologist, and the expert replied with a few words: myocardial infarction, hurry up for surgery!

so I quickly called my classmate and told him to have surgery in the local area, or his life would be in danger. As a result, he cried and said that the old man was no longer there

for patients with myocardial infarction, time is the heart, and time is life. We must follow the doctor’s advice. It is possible to delay for one minute, which may lead to the danger of life. However, my classmate spent more than an hour looking for acquaintances and relationships, and completely missed the best treatment time, which led to the death of the old man !

from this real example, what Dr. Xie wants to tell you is that it’s not impossible to go to the hospital to find acquaintances, but what kind of disease it is. If it’s a particularly urgent disease, the patient is already in danger of life at the time of treatment. I believe the doctor will also urge you to decide whether to have an emergency operation. At this time, you must follow the doctor’s advice instead of going Looking for acquaintances, such as acute myocardial infarction and acute necrotizing pancreatitis, if not treated in time, is likely to lead to the death of patients within minutes. At this time, looking for acquaintances to find relationships, every minute may increase the risk of death of patients, which is completely wrong.

in each department, whether it is internal medicine or surgery, there are some doctors with high level and strong professional ability. Moreover, most doctors have their own professional expertise. For example, a doctor is very good at spine, some doctors are particularly good at diabetes treatment. A doctor in the hospital is very good at thyroid surgery, and a doctor is in arthrosis Change to the magic!

but as an ordinary patient, he does not know who is the best and who is best in a certain field. For example, in the field of orthopedics, although most doctors can look at spine, trauma, joint, sports medicine and hand surgery, it is difficult to find the best doctor for patients who are not familiar with the hospital What is the best way to know which doctor is the best? Inside the hospital, of course! So if you have this kind of demand, you can find an acquaintance to contact the relevant doctor, get the most professional advice, or do the most advanced surgery.

when I was in the outpatient department, the most annoying thing was that the people in our hospital were wearing white clothes and leading people they knew to see a doctor. Some of my colleagues were swaggering and arrogant. The patients in line in front of the door directly said that they would be given a look first. In fact, this situation is directly connected to the doctors in the outpatient department to find trouble. When I deal with this situation, I directly tell my colleagues to register Line up. I can give you a good look, but you can’t.

because this situation is very easy to lead to disputes. There are many patients queuing up in the outpatient department, and the waiting time is relatively long. In addition to the trouble of the disease itself, the original temper is not smooth. If I see the hospital acquaintance leading the Gasol, if I am a patient, I will definitely complain.

in fact, if you want to see a doctor well, you can find an acquaintance to contact the doctor. When the doctor is on night shift, or when there is no outpatient work in the ward, you can come to see the doctor during the rest time. Not only is the doctor’s time relatively rich, but the doctor will see the doctor very well, and he will not trouble the medical students. Isn’t that fragrant?

in addition, some patients have the idea that if they want to go to the outpatient service, they need to do some tests. If they want to see a doctor directly, they will contact some acquaintances in the hospital and take a shortcut. This is not good for safe medical treatment. If a doctor fails to carry out relevant examination and give treatment to the patient, the treatment effect is better, which is reasonable If the treatment effect is not good, or even the operation effect is not good, and the patient has no evidence to complain or have disputes, then the doctor will stand in the ground of failure, because there is no evidence to prove why he has to do the corresponding treatment and operation.

so I have repeatedly told junior doctors over the years that it is very dangerous to not do an examination just because there are acquaintances with them to see a doctor. This is a very dangerous behavior, and we must do all the tests again and again!

now hospitals are more and more formal. Many diseases have corresponding paths and corresponding inspection requirements. Doctors have to follow the path to complete the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. For example, for patients with meniscus injury, there is almost no big difference between the costs of routine examination and surgery. The main difference lies in the internal environment of patients, for example Some patients will have abnormal blood glucose, so when they are hospitalized for treatment, there will be more expenses for diabetes related examination, and for some patients with abnormal blood pressure, there will be more expenses related to blood pressure, but the general cost will not be particularly large, and there is almost no difference in the cost of finding acquaintances.

there are also some friends who are most worried that doctors will not pay attention to them if they don’t know someone to say hello to them, so it’s unnecessary to think so. For example, the patient has been admitted to the hospital for treatment, and the purpose of the doctor is also as soon as possible. He wants to make the patient get better and leave the hospital as soon as possible, instead of letting the patient live in the hospital for a long time and deliberately fail to treat the patient well. The purpose of both doctors and patients is the same, how can they not pay attention to it?

for the matter of going to the hospital to see a doctor and looking for an acquaintance, we must see what kind of disease the patient is. If the disease is particularly acute, then we must not waste time looking for acquaintances, and actively cooperate with doctors to treat them quickly is the most critical and the best choice.

if you want to know which doctor in the hospital sees his disease best, it’s OK to contact acquaintances. But if it’s for the sake of face saving, want to spend no money or fear that the hospital doctors don’t pay attention, I don’t think it’s necessary.

our society is becoming more and more formal. When you go to the government hall to handle affairs, you must have this experience. Hospitals are the same now. If you have a disease, go to the hospital to have a good look, cooperate with the doctor and trust the doctor. Sometimes it may be counterproductive to find acquaintances, because the “Acquaintances” you are looking for, and the doctors who are going to see you, in the end“ You don’t know if there is a contradiction. In addition, don’t mention that you are not familiar with XXX in the hospital! 08/16/2020