To whiten, don’t mess! Kang Kang Li Jiaqi praised the 10000 people voted “whitening essence C”!

Summer is so hot, so many occasions need to go out, regardless of the white and beautiful fairies on the main road, which one is not to practice whitening skills at home?

but there are so many whitening products on the market, especially the various whitening essence, uneven in quality and good for people to step on the thunder. What brand flat, high concentration raw material barrel and other whitening chaos, light plug pores, long acne closed, heavy damage to the cuticle, not only the skin did not turn white, but also made themselves into sensitive muscles, it is a little bit more than the loss. However, it doesn’t matter if you take a detour. The key to skincare is to learn to sum up experience. It’s the king to take the wrong detour by your own strength. From the whitening Meng new advanced King’s essential skill is to practice the golden eye! We must choose products with safe ingredients, obvious effects and high cost performance. It doesn’t matter if you don’t pick it. You can’t go wrong with Amway’s ace, Li Jiaqi. < / P > < p > the fairies who often visit Li Jiaqi’s live studio should know that his skin is white and shining. Many female stars are as good as his own frame and even crushed by him. Even he says frankly that he is the only one in your circle who can fight against him.

, of course, the essence of whitening essence. In Li Jiaqi’s live room, there is a line of whitening essence, but only OLAY’s light and white bottle of whitening essence is hard to beat, and Amway has been conservatively estimated ten thousand times.

can let the world’s suona essence repeatedly press Amway, this little white bottle is not its own table, it once ranked WeChat 10000 people voted “whitening essence” C, is the hearts of millions of beautiful girls! At the same time, it is also the No.1 of various popular vote whitening essences. It can be said to be the “king of kings” in the whitening elite. ~

Miss is not always seen to wear beauty make-up. But personally, I am also a invisible ingredient party. Before starting all kinds of skin care products, I will study a recipe list. For the sake of everyone’s skin, don’t be a mouse again. Miss Lin has spent a lot of time thinking about doing homework, and picking you up a little bit of OLAY light sensitive white bottle. < / P > < p > if you haven’t done any homework on the concentration and purity of nicotinamide, you should consult Olay, which is professional in this field. Nicotinamide alone has been studied for 26 years! Next is full of dry goods, Jimei please take out a small book to remember! < p > < p > the nicotinamide concentration of the light sensitive small white bottle is 5% of the gold ratio. Scientific research shows that the concentration of nicotinamide in whitening essence is not as high as possible. On the market, only 10% of the high concentration raw liquid with a high concentration of 5% is less than you dare believe. But also easy to stimulate the skin! There are some even do not dare to mention the concentration, in short, sisters do not step on the thunder, steadfastly choose the industry recognized the most efficient concentration of 5% nicotinamide, scientific and efficient play to the whitening effect of nicotinamide.

purity is also a big hurdle for nicotinamide products. Why do people always make complaints about nicotinamide intolerance, easy to allergy, and even envy the walls of the city walls that do not turn over. This is largely because the purity of nicotinamide is not high enough, and the impurities in the nicotinic acid are much more, which will naturally affect the use experience. However, Olay light sensitive small white bottle is very hard core. The purity of nicotinamide was 99% originally, which is very high, but it is still not enough. It has been upgraded to 99.7%. Higher purity means less impurities, higher tolerance and safer use. Miss Lin has reason to suspect that OLAY is a Virgo. Can it be more strict with the Perfectionism of whitening essences?

as a multi-year veteran whitening essence, Miss Lin reminds everyone that even if we mention the essence of whitening, we can think of the household nicotine, which is known to every family. Because with the single component of nicotinamide, the whitening effect is still very limited. < / P > < p > to eliminate melanin completely, nicotinamide needs gold medal teammate “acylamide”! Here we have to do a good science, melanin production mainly has four links, nicotinamide is responsible for only two of them, responsible for inhibiting the transport and metabolism of melanin! However, when combined with acylamide, 96% of melanin production signal can be blocked from the source. < / P > < p > that is to say, the whitening King composed of nicotinamide and acylbumin explodes CP, and attacks the four complete pathways of melanin generation layer by layer. The enemy melanin is blocked everywhere, making them have no escape! Compared with the common whitening essence containing only nicotinamide, OLAY light sensitive white bottle has opened up two extra levels. Of course, the whitening effect is double’s ~


. However, a lot of whitening essence is used down, maybe it is white, but it is not natural at all. In order to be beautiful and bright. The light sensitive small white bottle is added with sepitonic mineral translucent factor, which can go deep into the bottom of the skin, repel the dullness, and make the skin closer to the healthy and fair skin color from the inside to the outside. Besides, there are many choices for the mouth red. In a word, Olay light sense little white bottle really understand our heart. < p > < p > Miss Lin has become a loyal fan of Olay light sensitive little white bottle. The essence of whitening is excellent, its texture is also light, and its fluidity is high. Its face is gentle and well pushed away. Its moisture content is also good. It is not sticky at all. It is refreshing and absorbable. < / P > < p > in less than a month, the problem of uneven skin color and dullness of plain skin has been significantly improved. The color visible to the naked eye is brightened, and it will look more obvious when it is plain. Do a good job of sun protection in the day, wipe it on at night, and turn on the original camera the next morning, you can wake yourself up. Compared with other whitening essence,

can quickly return to the original form of “fake white”. The light perception of small white bottle strength has increased 28% degree of whiteness in 28 days. Our skin should enjoy this steady and bright feeling better. All my straight friends showed that my skin was two degrees white, and it was Li Jiaqi’s strong Amway, and ten thousand people played call’s whitening essence NO.1. Every girl should have a bottle of the hand.

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