Tongue diagnosis of traditional Chinese medicine: different tongue phases indicate different problems. What’s the matter with tongue coating thickening?

In ancient times, traditional Chinese medicine practitioners did not have rich clinical diagnosis and treatment tools, so they could only rely on a pair of wise eyes to distinguish and treat diseases. Bian que, a famous doctor, put forward the four diagnostic methods of looking, smelling, asking and cutting. Chinese medicine treatment first has to look at the patient’s tongue, whether there are diseases can be through the tongue feedback. If you’re interested in your tongue, look down. < / P > < p > the tongue is the softest tissue in the human body. It participates in the process of chewing teeth every day when eating, helping food to be better digested and absorbed. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the growth of tongue coating particles is the protection of tongue meridian. Healthy tongue is light red, flexible and angry, like the tongue of sick patients is thick, greasy and white, traditional Chinese medicine depends on tongue treatment or can improve the disease from the source. < / P > < p > the tongue of normal people sticks out to a certain extent, and presents a flat shape in a relaxed state, with smooth edges and no unnecessary burr feeling. If the tongue is big and looks twice as big as others, it may be caused by edema in the body and yang deficiency of the spleen; if the tongue is thin and thin, it may be due to insufficient blood essence and kidney deficiency; if the tongue is old and there are many cracks on the tongue, it may be due to vigorous lung qi. < / P > < p > there are many kinds of tongue abnormalities, including tender tongue, tooth mark, central swelling and other shapes. Tender tongue occurs in children and adolescents. In order to supplement the body influence, they ingest a large amount of milk, milk powder and other liquid liquids, and do not work when they are wet. Tooth marks on the tongue is more common, the body is not scattered hot and humid, more humid people lingual tooth marks need not, mostly liver function defect. Central swelling of the tongue is relatively rare, usually only in coronary heart disease, heart heat and other diseases. < / P > < p > when ordinary people brush their teeth, they need to brush the tongue coating gently. The secretion they spit out is colorless. Looking in the mirror, the tongue coating only needs a small amount of white substance. Hypertrophic tongue coating means that the body fluid loss is serious, and the liver may be in the process of pathological changes. If you stick out your tongue every day, you will unconsciously salivate. Maybe your spleen and stomach are out of balance and your temper is not enough. < / P > < p > some people’s tongue and teeth friction will produce a lot of bean curd residue like mossy secretions, and the sticky tongue coating may be food accumulation. Many middle-aged and elderly people will have this phenomenon the next day because they ate high protein and high fat food the night before. There are also some people with high lung heat, accompanied by cough, breathing is not smooth, tongue will be the same. TCM diagnosis also has a rare exfoliated tongue, tongue coating and tongue quality are all separated, this situation is relatively special, it is recommended to check the gastrointestinal function as soon as possible to prevent cancer. < / P > < p > traditional Chinese medicine roughly divides the color of tongue into three types: red, white and green. We have mentioned the color of normal tongue coating, but it is not red tongue, it must be healthy. If both sides of tongue are red, it may be liver fire; if the tip of tongue is red abnormally, it may be heart fire; if part of tongue is red, it may be stomach fire. The same is fire, the right medicine can be removed in time. < / P > < p > the tongue of the people with deficiency of Qi and blood and anemia is mostly light white, and they need to eat some blood nourishing food such as pig blood, spinach and soybean in time. The tongue is cyan or even purplish. If the tongue is dry, it may be heat syndrome. If it is wet, it may be cold Qi and blood stasis. It is suggested to bubble the feet more often to help the body return to normal as soon as possible. < / P > < p > tongue diagnosis in traditional Chinese medicine is not difficult, and ordinary people can know their health status in time through tongue phase at home. Different tongue patterns suggest different problems. Do you know that Xiaobian has said so much? Don’t want to get pimples again? “Acne” you should do this