Triple firming lift to shape v-face contour

With the growth of age and the influence of the external environment, the loss of collagen in dermis will make the skin lose elasticity, relax and droop, and the contour is fuzzy and not tight; the inevitable effect of gravity will reduce the firmness and fullness of the skin, apple muscle droop, facial skin relaxation and other skin aging problems have become the biggest skin problems of urban people. With the growing awareness of skin care, women are more and more worried More pursuit of young and tight skin. Aiming at the problem of skin anti-aging, filorga, a French professional anti-aging brand, has launched a new series of anti-aging products with cutting-edge technology innovation. Inspired by the latest technology used to lift and tighten skin in medical cosmetology, this series of products concentrate on the research of protoplasm lifting factor, the core component of the series. Using turmeric root extract rich in cytokines, it can effectively activate skin cell regeneration, strengthen and enhance skin tissue tension, tighten and shape the bottom of the skin, support youth, integrate collagen, endow the skin with amazing moisturization and restore elasticity In addition, hyaluronic acid can reshape the full contour and nourish the elasticity. Combined with the exclusive soul ingredient of filorga, NCEF can go deep into the muscle base, activate skin cells from inside to outside, and activate healthy skin in an all-round way. Make the skin young and bright.

aims at the skin variety, compact anti aging demand, and the 4 series of products are introduced to help consumers to resist skin relaxation and aging in many directions. Each product combines different efficacy of high energy active ingredients to directly attack the skin aging problem, tighten the skin, clear the contour, regenerate elastic, swelling and beautiful skin. With the outstanding effect of high technology,

draws the essence of the compact plastic essence, which contains the core component of the protoplasm, and combines with the double compact plant essence to resist loose skin and fill tightly. Use it in the morning and evening with finger pressure massage technique to lift and pull the skin as a whole, giving the skin a new experience of perfect comfort and reappearing the young three-dimensional contour.

filogartila firming and shaping day cream, combined with Edelweiss alpina callus extract and seaweed extract, can promote the production of collagen and elastin in deep skin, activate the regeneration of collagen, promote the elasticity of collagen, restore the elasticity and moisturizing of skin, firm and plump skin, and reappear the elastic and moisturizing three-dimensional face.

, the fine plastic night cream of the Phoenix lotion is added with arginine PCA to repair the damage caused by saccharification and oxidation inside and outside the skin at night, to improve the aging problem, to achieve the skin root, nourish skin and resist aging, and to make the skin more compact and three-dimensional.

, the fine plastic mask, which is rich in protoplasm, pulling factor and plant essence, is highly compact and intensive. It uses biological fiber pulling membrane cloth to compactness, and promotes absorption and stereoscopic young stereo outline. After cleansing

, remove the mask from the mask bag, gently remove a layer of protective film, expose one side of the gel, put it on the skin, and then remove second layers of protective film. Stay for 15 minutes without washing. Massage the excess liquid to the lower neck, neck and face with the upward pulling massage. It is recommended to use it three times a week. After pregnancy, do not let the wife do these five kinds of housework, the husband should be responsible for it, otherwise it is easy to hurt the fetus!