Trump admits that his young son has been dyed with a new crown and still calls for “reopening the campus”

Melania, wife of US President Donald Trump, revealed on the 14th that their 14-year-old son Barron had been infected with the new coronavirus, but had no symptoms. Now the virus test has turned negative. Melania published a long statement through social media on May 14, describing the ups and downs of her illness after she and her husband were diagnosed with Xinguan infection at the beginning of this month, and revealed for the first time that her son was “hit”. < p > < p > < p > she said that after the first positive results of two people’s virus tests, “I naturally thought of our son immediately.”. Fortunately, Barron was negative for the first time, but she couldn’t help worrying. “Sure enough, my worry came true, and when he did the test, it turned positive.” However, she said Barron had no symptoms and had turned negative on subsequent tests. According to Melania, she has mild symptoms, but “they come at once” and her body experiences “roller coaster like” reactions in the following days, including limb pain, cough, headache, “most of the time very tired.”. She said she chose “natural” therapy and took “vitamins and healthy foods”. She has recovered and is ready to resume her duties as the wife of the president. < / P > < p > Melania reported a significantly different treatment from her husband. According to the White House medical team, during and around the three-day hospitalization, trump received several more aggressive experimental new crown treatment programs, including regenerant’s “antibody cocktail therapy”, Gilead’s antiviral drugs radcivir and dexamethasone, and needed oxygen supplement. Some medical experts point out that this shows that Trump’s condition is developing to a serious degree. Trump revealed that he was positive for his wife’s new crown in the early morning of this month. He was hospitalized on the same day and discharged on the 5th. He continued to receive medical care in the White House, claiming to feel good. He announced on the 11th that the medical team confirmed that he had been “immune” to the new crown and was “not infectious”. < / P > < p > before Melania’s announcement, the white house never disclosed that Barron had been infected. Trump resumed his campaign this week and went to Iowa, one of the swing states, on the 14th. Before his trip, he confirmed to reporters at the white house what his wife said, saying simply, “Barron is OK.” At a campaign rally in Des Moines, Iowa, trump mentioned Barron to voters in a relaxed tone: “he was infected for such a short time that I didn’t even know he had it.” He called on American schools to resume normal teaching on the basis of his son’s case. “Barron’s all right. Because they’re young, their immune systems are strong, and they can resist. It’s normal for this to happen. People have to be on it. It’s good again. Send the children back to school. We have to get them back to school. ” Barron is studying in a private school near Washington. Less than three weeks before the November 3 presidential election day, Trump and presidential candidate Joe Biden are busy running for the “final sprint.”. This week, trump rushed to the “swing states” that had a greater impact on the election. The second face-to-face debate of the presidential election, which was scheduled to be held on the 15th, was cancelled because trump was ill. Instead, the two men made speeches and received questions at different venues in front of citizens’ representatives at the same time, which were broadcast live by two mainstream TV stations. Trump’s venue was in Miami, Florida, while Biden chose Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, both of which were “swing states” with more electoral votes. According to a number of recent polls, trump is lagging behind in many states. The poor response of the trump government to the epidemic has led to the United States becoming the world’s worst affected country, which has become the main reason for voters’ dissatisfaction with it, and also become a point where Biden team focuses on attacking trump. According to Agence France Presse, the fact that three members of the president’s family are infected with the virus has once again focused the public on the severity of the epidemic in the United States. In particular, the White House, which was supposed to be highly secure, has had a number of outbreaks in the past two weeks. Before and after Trump’s diagnosis, many military and political officials who have participated in white house activities or have close contact with trump have been diagnosed or isolated for observation. After pregnancy, do not let the wife do these five kinds of housework, the husband should be responsible for it, otherwise it is easy to hurt the fetus!