truth! Pregnant women can play with mobile phones, compared with radiation, these kinds of play can only “hurt the fetus”

We all know that radiation is harmful to the body. Many elderly people are particularly concerned about “radiation”, especially the computers and mobile phones that we often contact have become the number one source of radiation.

so will these radiation really affect us? What about pregnant women? Recently, an expert proposed that “pregnant women can play with mobile phones”, which has aroused the attention of many netizens.

many pregnant mothers will choose to rest at home after pregnancy. Xiaowen is no exception. She often feels very bored when she has a baby at home every day. Her mobile phone has become a tool for her to pass the time.

it’s often a day to play. Xiaowen’s husband thinks it’s not appropriate, but Xiaowen says that her husband is “old-fashioned”. Don’t you know that the mobile phone “has no radiation”?

but a recent pregnancy test found that the baby’s umbilical cord was around the neck. Her husband told Xiaowen that she should walk properly and not be sedentary, and her mood should not fluctuate too much.

the husband on one side asked quickly, “does it have something to do with my wife’s always playing with her mobile phone?”? Xiaowen then cavity way: “you talk nonsense, the doctor must know that cell phone radiation does not affect the baby.”.

the international standard for measuring the radiation emission of electronic products is “w / kg”, while China’s standard for non ionizing radiation is less than 2W / kg.

the World Health Organization has refuted the myth of “mobile phone radiation” as early as 2014. However, when the mobile phone signal is weak, the radiation will be appropriately enhanced, which is to re connect the base station connected to the mobile phone with higher power.

many pregnant mothers have nothing to do at home after pregnancy, and the best thing to do is to “play with mobile phones”, which lasts for hours at a time, and often does not move.

doctor: after a woman is pregnant, the increase of estrogen will make the joints and ligaments of pregnant women loose. And with the increase in pregnancy, the weight of the baby will also let pregnant mothers cause spinal load, resulting in low back pain.

adjustment: pregnant mothers should pay attention to time when playing with mobile phones, often stand up and walk, and pay attention to less bow head when playing mobile phones, so as to relieve the pressure of spine.

this is because the emotions of pregnant women are very important to the fetus, and short videos will more or less affect the emotions during pregnancy, especially when the pregnant mother laughs, cries, and is very emotional, it will directly affect the baby’s fetal movement frequency.

adjustment: when playing mobile phones during pregnancy, try not to play games or short videos. You can find some fetal education videos and warm and lovely movie animations.

even in the third trimester of pregnancy, don’t be capricious. You should know that if you stay up late now, you will also stay up late when your baby is born. At that time, I’m afraid there is no way to tell.

adjustment: pregnant mothers should try not to play with their mobile phones before going to bed, especially the videos with strong emotions. They should go to sleep before 10-11 o’clock every day and ensure at least 8 hours of sleep every day.

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