Tumor recurrence, the consequences are very serious, these four aspects, the attention can not relax

The treatment of tumor is a relatively difficult thing. Even if the tumor is removed by surgery, or the tumor cells are killed by radiotherapy or chemotherapy, the process is easy to be incomplete, that is to say, the complete tumor cells are not killed. If the tumor cells are still alive in the body, after being stimulated, they will wake up from the dormant state and form new proliferative tumor cells, which will lead to tumor recurrence. This is an important reason for the recurrence of tumor, which can not be solved by the current medical level. When this problem is solved, the tumor may really not relapse. < / P > < p > after cancer treatment, the patient’s body is relatively weak. At this time, the immunity is relatively low. If the immunity has not been improved, the tumor cells will continue to grow and develop, leading to tumor recurrence. So if you want to prevent tumor recurrence, you must pay attention to your immunity, exercise more, eat more nutritious food, improve your immunity and make your body strong, which can reduce the recurrence rate of tumor. < / P > < p > the body of cancer patients can be compared to an environment that allows tumor cells to develop. The tumor of the body has been removed in time and the tumor cells have been killed. However, the production environment has not changed and it is still easy to produce tumor cells. It’s because of this that some patients get a new kind of tumor after a few years of treatment. Take breast tumor, one side of the breast got breast tumor, after treatment, in a few years, the other side of the breast will also get breast tumor, also related to this reason. < / P > < p > after suffering from the tumor, we have to go through many hardships to cure the tumor. At this time, we must cherish our physical condition and stop doing things that damage our health. If there is still no good living habits, no good lifestyle, tumor recurrence can be said to be sooner or later. < / P > < p > take lung cancer as an example. Smoking is a risk factor for lung cancer. If the lung cancer is cured and still smoking at home, lung cancer is very easy to relapse. Another example is liver cancer. If patients with liver cancer are cured, they still go their own way, drink too much alcohol, stay up too late, take too many liver protection drugs, or get angry and can’t control their emotions, then it’s only a matter of time before the recurrence of liver cancer. < / P > < p > sometimes tumor recurrence can be controlled, sometimes it can’t be controlled. After the treatment of cancer, we must cherish the treatment results and do our best. We believe that if we work hard, there will be good results, even if there are bad results, we will not regret it. Focus