Turtles don’t like to move, but they live a long life? Sports games consume life? There’s a scientific explanation!

There is a popular post on the Internet. The general content is as follows: the elephant’s heart rate is 40 beats per minute, and its life span is 80 years; the cheetah with the highest speed has only 20 years; the turtle’s heart rate is 10 beats, and its life span is more than 100 years; the rat with quick action has 450 beats per minute, but its life span is only 2 years.

the reason why this post can attract people’s attention is that it mainly refers to the relationship between movement and life span. It’s an interesting natural phenomenon that all kinds of mammals have the same number of heart beats in their lifetime, about 2.5 billion. If we plot the half logarithm of heart rate and life span of mammals, we can see that the slower the heart rate, the longer the life span.

However, as can be seen from the above figure, human beings are obviously not on the negative correlation line between heart rate and life expectancy, and the life expectancy of human beings is much higher because of scientific development and social progress.

is that weight gain, so longevity? Obviously not. We all know that overweight people have a higher risk of disease, and their life expectancy is not as good as that of light weight people.

2. Exercise can also speed up the discharge of metabolic waste in the blood, reduce the content of fat and cholesterol in blood vessels, and play the role of purifying veins and arteries;

3. During exercise, the body will breathe a lot and quickly, which can strengthen the function of the lung, and the waste such as carbon dioxide in the body will be quickly discharged out of the body, strengthening the function of the lung;

5 People who exercise will accumulate heat in their bodies, which will be converted into fat and stored in their bodies. Exercise can effectively reduce weight, which is helpful for patients with heart disease and diabetes.

you can judge whether you exercise properly through your mental state in daily life. After exercise, you should be full of energy and energy, and have no symptoms such as drowsiness and fatigue. On the contrary, it means that you exercise too much. On the other hand, after exercise, your physique will be strengthened, your memory will be strengthened, and your work and learning efficiency will be improved significantly. On the contrary, it means that you exercise too much We should adjust it in time.

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