“Two itches and one pain” appear on the body. Pay attention as soon as possible, and don’t drag out the liver disease

Introduction: we eat all kinds of food every day, but we can’t guarantee that the food we eat is completely clean. There are toxins in our body, but our body is healthy, mainly because of our liver. With it, the toxins in our body can be easily eliminated. If the liver is damaged, our health will be threatened. < / P > < p > the liver is the organ that expels toxins from our body. If there is a problem with our liver, the toxins in our body will be difficult to expel. If the toxins in our body can’t be discharged, and the body can’t absorb them, we will find another way to expel them, which will lead to itching. < / P > < p > eyes are used to see the world. If the liver is healthy, then the eyes are bright. If the eyes itch, we must pay attention to it. This may be the “warning” of the liver. Itchy eyes and blurred vision may be caused by insufficient liver blood. < / P > < p > after some parts of the body are stimulated by the outside world, they will enter the brain through the nerves, and we will have pain. Of course, if there is a problem with the liver, it will also hurt. The liver is located on the upper right side of our abdomen. When it hurts in this position, it means that there is a problem with the liver. Moreover, when there is a problem with the liver, sometimes it will disturb the digestive function of the stomach, leading to abdominal discomfort. < / P > < p > it is often said that drinking is harmful to the health. Now many people like to drink. There is alcohol in the wine, and regular drinking will stimulate our liver, especially high concentration wine, which will cause greater damage to the liver. We need to rely on the liver to transform the wine we drink into the stomach. If we drink wine often, the pressure of the liver will become greater, which will lead to abnormal liver function. < / P > < p > life lies in exercise. Exercise can improve our immunity, keep our body healthy, keep an appropriate amount of exercise, promote blood circulation, enhance the metabolic capacity of the liver, nourish our liver and maintain the normal operation of the liver. < / P > < p > because we have the liver in our body, the toxins in our body can be easily eliminated. The liver is extremely important for us, and we need to take good care of it. According to Li Shizhen’s records, chrysanthemum, Cassia obtusifolia, medlar and honeysuckle have good curative effects on nourishing the liver and protecting the liver. This is also the traditional Chinese medicine’s common prescription for nourishing the liver, and the medicine and food are of the same origin That’s the truth. < / P > < p > chrysanthemum: it can clear the fire in the liver and disperse the wind heat. It is usually used to solve the problem of liver fire. It can clear away heat and poison, and prolong life. < / P > < p > cassia seed: it can not only clear the toxins in the liver, but also improve the eyesight. It can also help the liver to discharge the toxins in the body, effectively alleviate the pathological changes in the liver, and is a good food for nourishing the liver. < p > < p > Lycium barbarum: it has a lot of nutrients, and it is easy to be absorbed by the human body. It can moisten the liver, improve immunity, and has a very good protective effect on the liver. < / P > < p > we only have one liver. If it has problems, we will easily get sick. Now many people do not pay attention to the maintenance of the liver. We can try to use small tea bags to maintain our liver. It only takes a few minutes every day to easily solve the liver problems. < / P > < p > conclusion: the liver is a very important organ for us, which helps us eliminate toxins in the body. Don’t think it’s not important. Without it, our life will end. We should take good care of it, nourish the liver and protect the liver, and do it as soon as possible. Pregnant dream “Golden Dragon” is about to “give birth to a boy”? You think too much, the function of fetal dream is not here