Two weeks thin 14 Jin, pro test effective diet weight loss method, understand

After Zhang Weihuo, a lawyer in my mind, many people started the P-map operation for him. The most impressive thing for me was that he wrote “we are professional in litigation” on his photo. I thought it was just a block in the TV series, but when I started to do the content of today’s issue, I knew that I was not far away from Zhen Xiang’s law.

although I’m really fragrant, the content introduced to you today is also a solid thread. Can you believe it? After hearing this sentence, do you think that today’s content is too delicious? If you also think that many of your sister’s personal tests are effective, let’s see how you can lose 14 pounds in two weeks!

1. When you wake up on the first day, you should choose whether to eat meat or vegetarian today. For example: if you decide to eat meat this day, your choices are meat, eggs and vegetables. There is also the food containing starch must not be included in it, especially soybean milk, soy sauce, soy bean curd and so on. What you need to make clear in this day’s diet is that your body needs pure meat, quail eggs and pure vegetables. Other kinds of food are not considered. Of course, if you really feel tasteless, you can add a little more salt to taste. But you also know the consequences of eating too much salt, so try to be moderate.

2. The choice of food on the second day must be opposite to that on the first day. If you eat meat the first day, you’ll have to eat vegan the next day, and vice versa. But different from the first point, if you choose to be vegetarian on this day, then starch food can be considered to a large extent, and the most effective one is potato.

this is because potatoes contain a lot of starch, which can supplement rich carbohydrates for the body, and then relieve muscle fatigue in time. In terms of improving physical strength, eating potatoes properly has obvious benefits. And from the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine dietotherapy, it is good for people with spleen and stomach deficiency cold, shortness of breath and fatigue, and stomachache to eat potatoes properly, which has the advantages of strengthening the stomach and increasing the digestive capacity. At the same time, it can also detoxify detumescence, for the body of toxin accumulation, edema of people, eat potato has a good detoxification, eliminate edema benefits.

3. Only vegetables can be eaten on the third day. The combination of a meat and vegetable diet can ensure that our body’s metabolism is always at a stable level, so eat a week’s line Jin. If you want to continue, it’s to focus on vegetables and compare the caloric content of various vegetables before eating. Here I would like to recommend celery. Celery is low in calories, but it contains a lot of water. Regular consumption of celery can ensure the balance of our internal and external environment, and timely eliminate toxins and metabolic wastes in the body.

4. In the second week, you don’t need to control the intake of vegetarians. You can only eat meat and eggs. In the second week, our body has undergone a new round of metabolism, so eating habits tend to be in a certain area, so it is not so important to eat vegetarian food again. So at the beginning of the second week, we can focus on meat, eggs and vegetables. You can eat as much as you like, but you must not eat starch. Some people with poor physique should not be reduced.

although there are certain risks in diet weight loss, there are great advantages in mastering the right method. We will tell you that these methods are effective in many sisters’ personal tests, so we must actively use them! Home