UNISKIN excellent time black skin gravity essence aims to solve the loose STRIPE Double A double peptide target technology

Urban youth’s living habits are irregular, and the climate and environment are getting worse and worse. Skin aging itself is a 40 year old + word, which has been greatly advanced to about 25 years old. More and more young people begin to be interested in how to fight against early aging, prevent gravity sagging and eliminate fine lines. Skin care is no longer a mending thing, but to turn it into a healthy lifestyle.

daily cognition is effective, good absorption and quick effect. These have always been the label of essence. Unlike skin toner and face cream as sealant, the essence has always been given high hopes. As if all the hopes for beautiful skin are placed in this small bottle, but at the end of the day, a lot of essence can only add nutrients to the skin. And moisture, lifting and stroking effect is not so satisfactory. < / P > < p > according to the research of uniskin youshiyan anti aging science laboratory, 42% of Chinese consumers are troubled by fine lines and facial expression lines; 44% of consumers want to improve facial contour relaxation; 31% of consumers have pore problems. But most young people are still troubled by such problems as slight relaxation, fine lines rebounding, working overtime and staying up late the next day dark yellow. This shows that when your skin care just stays on the surface, it can not cure the symptoms at all. In view of this situation, UNISKIN has developed the black attraction essence according to the multi-target technology precision skin care system, and launched a multi-target solution, using scientific research and development to enable you to solve a variety of skin problems at once.

UNISKIN excellent new product black attraction essence for the current consumer situation, as well as the current most effective anti aging A alcohol ingredients, after repeated comparison, select better, but more moderate third generation A derivatives, through the activation of fat and hyaluronic acid to increase the overall skin feel, and use ECM structure repair to promote collagen white, elastin and stimulation. Live gene; through del repair to improve the connection between the epidermis and dermis, reduce relaxation, let your skin really achieve: tightening and springing, prevent the formation of early aging, keep young muscle state all the time. Compared with the traditional A alcohol resistance to wrinkles in the market,

is superior to the traditional UNISKIN cream, which is based on the precise matching of the third generation A derivatives and the A derivatives, and the target technology combined with the polypeptide compound to form a double A double peptide, which can effectively resist the aging and advanced essence products. < / P > < p > compared with traditional a-alcohol, the third generation of vitamin A derivatives with 10% active concentration can directly act on the skin faster without conversion. At the same time, it is combined with vitamin A derivatives to strengthen and extend the effect of HPR on skin, promote skin metabolism and collagen production, firm and delicate, reduce aging and relaxation problems caused by age, and achieve the effect of 1 + 1 greater than 2. < / P > < p > at the same time, uniskin yoshiyan precisely proportions the components of the new generation of Liusheng peptide pro. Compared with the traditional Liusheng peptide, uniskin yoshiyan can more effectively inhibit and reduce the release and reception of nerve signals, solve the problem of facial lines, and has 1.3 times * higher functionality than the traditional Liusheng peptide, and can more assist in the reproduction of collagen protein derived from vitamin A. Layer by layer penetration, from the deep layer of skin to improve sagging, so that you just need to wipe can achieve the recovery of firmness, filling facial contour, skin delicate luster. Thin ice cream texture with mild natural flavor, let the use of the process of enjoyment, zero burden. < / P > < p > at the beginning of R & D, through a lot of feedback, it was found that many people would have intolerance reaction to traditional a-alcohol products. UNISKIN yyou Yan, who always focuses on the experience and effect of skin care, needs to solve the problem of irritation of traditional vitamin A and vitamin A derivatives to the skin at first. The scientific research team spent more than two years in formula development and continuous adjustment. In the first seven rounds, it reached thousands of consumers to test the skin tolerance of vitamin A derivatives, and finally chose the third generation of vitamin A derivatives with relatively mild and better effect. It can ensure the stability of ingredients, use safely and mildly, and change the disadvantages of poor body feeling. In addition, by advocating the establishment of a scientific skin care concept of vitamin A adaptability, we have developed and equipped a low concentration light package 5g at the same time to make the concentration and use frequency from low to high, gradually from the outside to the inside, and make the skin tight and elastic.

UNISKIN excellent black cream have a unique style in packaging. This is a very effective way to lock the ingredients in the vacuum capsule bottle. The bottle cap and bottle body are two U-shaped inverted superposition, conveying the double U concept of “uniqueness” and “unification identity”. The built-in replaceable inner core is convenient for consumers to replace, which can be reused, promote environmental protection, and give consumers the most affordable cost performance. The

“black attraction” essence was opened in January 3rd at the UNISKIN excellent time flagship store. It will be launched in January 17th at the national

store. The brand was born in 2018. It was founded by professional PhD and built a biological research team and skin database system independently. It focused on the research of Chinese skin anti old and old scientific skin care brand, and committed to the research of

. Invigorate young muscles with scientific skin care. The continuous improvement of skin database lays a scientific theoretical foundation for the development of ingredients and formulas suitable for Chinese skin characteristics. Based on the special research on Chinese skin, the brand team has found the efficacy target through the application of cutting-edge skin biotechnology. At present, it has developed uni excellent basic series, whitening series, facial and eye anti-aging series, facial anti-aging advanced series and other product lines. And the ingredients of the products are accurately and scientifically proportioned to reflect the brand’s own scientific skin care concept. < / P > < p > uniskin always believes that scientific skin care is not only the pursuit of scientific breakthroughs and product innovation, but also the need to listen to every consumer’s understanding and demands for the beauty of the skin, so as to meet individual needs with efficient customized products. Through the integration of product packaging full of design sense and skin care products with scientific and efficient ingredient matching, the brand continues to provide professional and not boring aesthetic skin care experience for mass consumers. Your name will always exist on the Internet