Uremia is the development of kidney disease, doctor: five kinds of kidney injury behavior should be done less to reduce the burden on the kidney

Each organ of the body has its own role, located on both sides of our waist is our kidney, mainly to discharge the body’s metabolites and harmful substances in the body, through the production of urine, maintain water balance and other functions. If the kidney damage, it is easy to cause renal failure, nephrotic syndrome and other conditions, serious can reach uremia. < p > < p > uremia refers to that the kidney can not produce urine, and the garbage and useless water produced in the body are discharged from the body. The symptoms occur slowly and are not easy to be found. The common symptoms include loss of appetite, dullness, apathy, drowsiness, and reduced urine output. Doctors suggest doing less in these five aspects of daily behavior to reduce the burden on the kidney. Stay up late: staying up late is a common behavior that affects the kidney. Many people know that staying up late not only damages the kidney, but also has great side effects on our other organs. Moreover, people who often stay up late have a bad mental state every day, and the body is prone to fatigue. Therefore, we must maintain a good life and rest and go to bed early Get up, don’t stay up late. < / P > < p > don’t like drinking water: drinking water can increase the function of the kidney, which is conducive to the excretion of urine. People who don’t like drinking water have great damage to the kidney, and their urine volume is small every day, which can easily lead to kidney stones, urinary stones, urethritis, etc., so we must ensure that we have enough drinking water every day. Remember not to drink strong tea and drinks frequently. < / P > < p > disorderly taking medicine: it is a kind of drug that is toxic to three parts. Drugs can damage the kidney to a certain extent. For example, the common cold drugs, painkillers, and some Chinese herbal medicines are harmful to the kidney. Moreover, some drugs and drugs cannot be taken together with food. Usually encounter physical discomfort, must see a doctor in time, to follow the doctor’s advice to carry out, do not take medicine casually. < / P > < p > holding urine: holding urine is something we often experience, because of work, meeting or class, forced by some unavoidable problems, we can’t urinate in time. The behavior of holding urine is the most harmful to the kidney, because the urine contains more bacteria. If the urine is stored in the bladder for a long time, it is nourishing bacteria. Moreover, if the bacteria go up and reach the kidney through the ureter, the bacteria can easily reproduce in the kidney, causing damage to the kidney and forming inflammation. < / P > < p > unhealthy diet: now many people eat takeout, often eat hotpot, barbecue and other foods. Food always has high oil content, which can easily lead to obesity. The accumulation of fat is easy to cause kidney burden, which leads to kidney disease. Moreover, obese people are prone to some cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, which will increase the burden of the kidney. < / P > < p > if the patients with uremia have been detected and actively cooperate with the treatment, general treatment, drug treatment, surgical treatment, traditional Chinese medicine treatment or blood purification and other treatment methods can be used, and the specific situation should be based on the corresponding situation. Usually pay attention to monitor vital signs, including body temperature, pulse, breathing, blood pressure, etc. Pay attention to skin care to avoid accidental itching and scratch. It is recommended to wear loose cotton clothes and underpants, and apply some moisturizing products when the skin is dry. Pay attention to personal safety, so as to avoid injury and unnecessary bleeding. < / P > < p > kidney protection is closely related to our daily life style. As long as we pay more attention at ordinary times, keep good work and rest and eating habits, it is better to do a kidney physical examination regularly, so as to prevent the occurrence of kidney diseases. Small habits of pregnancy not only affect the health of pregnant mother, but also delay the development of the fetus, don’t ignore