Uric acid high, hand prophet! Common 3 symptoms, if appeared 2, must be vigilant

Introduction: there are a lot of delicious things, many delicious and healthy things, but there are also many delicious and unhealthy things. Crayfish, hot pot, barbecue, seafood, etc., are all tempting our taste buds. Although delicious food, but also can not be greedy, many times, it is because of wanton eating, but affect the health, such as: high uric acid, slowly entered our lives unconsciously.

suddenly found some small blisters on his fingers. Don’t be careless, it is likely that the uric acid is on the high side. Because when the body’s uric acid is high, it will form uric acid crystals in the body, directly affect the renal function, leading to kidney damage. Once the kidney has no way to urinate normally, the excess water in the body will be difficult to discharge from the body, which will lead to blisters on the hands.

if the finger suddenly becomes swollen, be careful of high uric acid. The swelling of fingers is likely due to excessive water in the body, which can not be discharged, leading to the fingers absorbing water and swelling.

as we all know, usually we can look at the crescent on the nail to observe the condition of the body. Generally, when there is no problem with the body, there are more crescent teeth on the nail, and the coverage area is large. If there’s a sudden decrease in the number of crescent teeth, it’s probably because of increased uric acid. Because when uric acid value is high, the calcium ion in our body is very difficult to be absorbed, which will lead to calcium deficiency, and the crescent will be smaller.

when the uric acid in our body is high, uric acid crystals will appear in our body, and uric acid crystals can follow the blood everywhere. Then, the harm of high uric acid to the body is not only gout, but also may affect the normal operation of other organs.

the urine in the body is mainly excreted from the body through the metabolism of the kidney. If the uric acid value in our body is too high, the kidney will not be able to discharge all urine normally at this time. In the long run, it will increase the burden on the kidney and lead to kidney problems, such as kidney stones, chronic nephritis and so on.

hyperuricemia is closely related to hyperlipidemia, hypertension and hyperglycemia, because when the uric acid in the body is too high, it is also easy to lead to the increase of the other three highs.

for people with high uric acid, uric acid crystals will slide everywhere in the blood, but once uric acid crystals cannot slide normally, there will be blockage, which is likely to cause atherosclerosis and cardiovascular problems.

purine is the main cause of uric acid. When the purine content in the body becomes more, uric acid will be produced. Therefore, people with high uric acid should eat less high purine food in their daily life, such as animal viscera, hot pot and so on, to prevent the increase of uric acid in the body again.

many people choose to take medicine to reduce uric acid after finding out that uric acid is on the high side. Although the effect is obvious, once they don’t take it, uric acid will continue to rise, and taking medicine for a long time will damage the kidney. Therefore, many people with high uric acid are more difficult to adhere to the maintenance, once the uric acid is high for a long time, it is easy to cause other diseases.

uric acid is high, and a cup of tea can steadily reduce uric acid. Take chicory, Pueraria, gardenia, mulberry leaves and lilies, soak in boiling water, drink 1-2 cups a day, reduce uric acid, maintain the stability of uric acid value, more effective than taking any medicine.

these ingredients are mainly from the Jiangsuan prescription recorded in Chinese medicine. Chicory contains the functions of clearing liver and gallbladder, diuresis and detumescence, which can help reduce uric acid; pueraria root can relieve muscle and fever, generate fluid and quench thirst; Gardenia jasminoides Ellis can clear heat and dampness, cool blood and detoxify. On the compatibility of mulberry leaf and Lily, the effect of reducing uric acid was added. Because they are some food materials with the same source of medicine and food, even if it is long-term drinking, it will not have any impact on the kidney.

if obese people have high uric acid level, they can reduce uric acid level by reducing their weight. But do not be eager for quick success and instant benefit, to slow down, otherwise it is easy to lead to gout. Can choose some simple aerobic exercise, reduce the fat, and then slowly reduce uric acid. 08/16/2020