“Wansheng Street” eller’s homemade moisturizer is haunted by elves? Eller’s in trouble

In China, as a vampire and up master, eller needs to be online live to meet netizens every day, so he pays special attention to skin health. Eller is the one in room 1031 who pays most attention to maintenance, whether it’s in the field of games or beauty. This time, eller felt his skin was in poor condition and needed to buy some new skin care products.

in the morning of the next day, eller immediately went to the exclusive store to buy skin care products. The enthusiastic shopping guide staff immediately arranged for eller and recommended him a new product. Eller can try it first. This is the latest product developed specifically for people like eller.

but when eller asked about the price, he was directly dissuaded by the price. Such a small bottle, the real effect is still unknown, actually need a four digit price? The staff patiently explained that the reason why this small bottle is so expensive is that there are many precious materials in it, and they are precious raw materials that are hard to get.

eller was really curious. Where are the precious raw materials so hard to find? After seeing the ingredient list, eller was helpless. Isn’t angel feather, devil tears, unicorn rainbow all very common things in life? Where are they precious? For eller, these things are really easy to get.

if eller wants them, he can easily get them. He has them all at home. Feeling that this product is really a trap, eller did not buy it, but intended to do it himself. Now that you know the raw materials, it’s not easy to mix them up?

as soon as he got home, eller started to move. After getting the approval of angel Lin, eller pulled out a feather of Teacher Lin, and the angel feather had it; eller played a touching movie to the mud and mud, and the mud immediately cried, with tears and snots, and the devil’s tears; eller explained the reason to the crystal, and people like crystal were willing to help eller, and she released the rainbow in her one character Here’s eller. There’s a unicorn rainbow.

eller put everything in the pot and began to make skin care products himself. After several hours of stewing over the fire, eller lifted the lid of the pot and felt almost done.

when eller lifted the lid of the pot, it was not a simple skin care product, but a greasy monster. Skincare elf slowly floated out of the pot, very happy to see eller. It turns out that skincare elves belong to skin care products. Only when Angel feathers, devil tears and unicorn rainbow are mixed together, can they be summoned. After the skincare elf is called out, it can keep the person who calls it in a moist state forever.

after the skincare elf comes out, it sticks to eller and follows him all the time to protect him. Seeing that the room was full of skin care products, eller felt that something was wrong. He didn’t want it.

if Mr. Lin knew that eller had made the room like this, he would have let eller clean up immediately. However, as long as there are skin care products in the elf, the room will never be clean. Originally, eller just wanted to make skin care products, but it turned out to be like this. Now eller doesn’t have to worry about his skin drying any more.

who would have thought that at the beginning, eller just felt that his skin was dry and his skin care products were too expensive, so he chose to make his own skin care products. Anyway, eller is in a terrible situation. You can play with mobile phones during pregnancy, but these four methods of “hurting your fetus” are not advisable. Be careful of the damage to Taibao